What is the best way to protect old metal but retain aged patina?

I have my grandfather's old tobacco press and want to turn it into a planter. I want to keep the current look but protect the metal.
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  • Deb7717059 Deb7717059 on Oct 02, 2016
    Your could spray it with a clear spray to protect it form the elements. They sell and any hardware store,the. Have mat or glossy finish.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 02, 2016
    Spray the piece once cleaned with Rustoleum 2x clear sealant.

  • Cob12599095 Cob12599095 on Oct 07, 2016
    I saw a video of someone using a brush on product, and I wondered what that might be.

  • HMoegerle HMoegerle on Oct 07, 2016
    I would use paste car wax on it. Apply it and then buff it. It will repel water and be sealed as well...and won't hurt the environment. Paste car wax is used to protect tile and sinks from rust and soap stains. I think that kind of protection will work for you. I think that the spray on finishes may wear off faster. JMHO

  • Ella Greene Ella Greene on Oct 07, 2016
    I love lemon oil for these old containers, both metal and wood. Lightly sand, wipe with a damp cloth and apply lemon oil liberally. Use dry polish cloth and it looks lovely, and smells dovine!