Wipe Vaseline over paint then wipe off

Adding an extra layer of dark paint gave this pineapple end table a gorgeous distressed look. Get tutorial here

Redo a yard sale find with some sanding

Spruce up your find with a layer of paint then add a chipping with a sander. Get tutorial here

Use fine grit sand paper for a hint of wear

Give an old cane back chair new life with a lick of paint and some distressing. Get tutorial here

Make subtle distressed touches with a block

When the chippiness ages and looks blah, repaint and make subtle distressed touches with a sanding block. Get tutorial here

Go over a chalk painted frame with a wet rag

All this frame needed was a bit of moisture to get that touch of vintage glam. Get tutorial here

Use Vaseline then wipe off with sandpaper

Use Vaseline in the paint process and remove with a sandpaper block and the paint will come right off. Get tutorial here

Sand down a surface then wipe it down

Make the best of an already chipped table: sand it then wipe with a dry rag to make it shine. Get tutorial here

Lightly distress a wax finish

Get gorgeous french styled hallway furniture by waxing & lightly distress with sandpaper. Get tutorial here

Take a rag to a Vaseline covered cabinet

Distress a red and blue wabi sabi cabinet with Vaseline and a rag to chip it and bring out the red accents. Get tutorial here

Sandpaper a chalk paint coated mason jar

Make mason jars country chic with chalk paint and dab of 80 grit sandpaper. Get tutorial here

Dab a newly painted dresser with a sand block

Take a sanding block to a chalk painted dresser to give it a subtle distressed look. Get tutorial here

Take a sander to dried spray paint

Spray paint a changing table in duck egg blue then take a sander to it once it’s dried. So lovely. Get tutorial here

Rub 220 sandpaper over a painted finish

Upgrade a rocking horse by repainting it with chalk paint & distressing it with 220 sandpaper. Get tutorial here

Use a palm sander for light distressing

Upcycle a boring mirror frame with blue paint and use a palm sander to lightly distress it. Get tutorial here

Fake it with a mixture of water and paint

Cover an original finish with a mix of 5 cups of water & 1 cup of paint to get the distressed look. Get tutorial here