This Little Mint Number

Who can resist this soft print hue, especially when you know this is a table in a nursery. How sweet! Get tutorial here

This Curving Calming Table

That pale blue hue is just the right color to accentuate the bends of this antique table. Get tutorial here

This Chic Two-Toned Planter

A snappy porch planter instantly lights up this outdoor area, and it's all thanks to paint. Get tutorial here

This Shocking Aqua Sofa

Painted fabric is still a fairly new DIY to try, but look how it can bring an old piece back to life! Get tutorial here

This Sparkling Coral Console

If you're going bright, go all the way. This took glamor a step further, with glitter! Get tutorial here

This Playful Seating Set Upcycle

A cute children's set deserves a cute refreshing look, which is exactly what this got! Get tutorial here

This Charmingly Chipped Sofa Table

Distressed, chipped paint with never go out of style - it's the coziest look for your decor. Get tutorial here

This Bright Teal Beauty

The bones were beautiful, but a coat of bright teal turns this piece into a statement. Get tutorial here

This Darling Vintage Seat

With a plush new seat and a bright new coat, this vintage find looks fresh and fabulous. Get tutorial here

This Piano Turned Bold Drink Bar

Once it was a piano, but now, this stunner shows off the drink menu in the boldest, baddest way. Get tutorial here

This Coral-on-Coral Character

A coat of coral with a coral print cover is one way to turn any piece into a crowd-pleaser. Get tutorial here

This Navy Blue Knock-Out

Dark hues get a bad rap in the makeover world, but they shouldn't - look at this glam gal! Get tutorial here

This Glamorous Gold-Tipped Table

Don't say bye to the metallic dip-dye trend just yet. There's more golden glory to be had! Get tutorial here

This "Love"-ly Lacy Chair

Giving any piece a lace-lookalike texture is an easy way to amp up the charm. Get tutorial here

This Aged-Grey Oak Dining Table

Instead of an ordinary dining table, this DIYer decided to turn hers into a stony stunner. Get tutorial here

This Popping Pink Sweet-Dream-Cincher

Imagine falling asleep below this bright pink headboard. There's no way you'd have bad dreams! Get tutorial here

This Cheery Polka-Dotted Desk

This looked like a mess of flaky paint and garish colors. Now, it's chic as can be. Get tutorial here

This Fashionably Feathered Side Table

With the right color and pattern combo, any piece can stand out, and this little table shines! Get tutorial here