CD Cabinet Turned Vintage Apothecary Piece

Would you believe that this started off totally unspectacular? Get tutorial here

Plain Dresser Goes Plaid

We've seen a lot of dresser designs, but plaid? Now, that's new! Get tutorial here

Drab Cabinet Gets a French Update

It's incredible now, but this French belle was once dark, drab, and hopeless looking. Get tutorial here

Record Cabinet with a Royal Refinish

This before and after are worlds apart - totally unrecognizable! Get tutorial here

Vanity Mirror Turned Double Duty Headboard

Turning a loose vanity mirror into a storage-style headboard? Pure genius! Get tutorial here

From an Old Hutch to a Fresh Sofa Table

This was once the bottom of a large hutch, not that you would know it now! Get tutorial here

Boring Hall Table Gets All Glammed Up

It was sweet before, but this dramatic makeover was just what the decor doctor ordered. Get tutorial here

Dull Cabinet with a Bright Color Pop

When it comes to upgrading furniture, you can go big or go home - or, apparently, go HUGE. Get tutorial here

Quiet Side Table Turned Super Chic

Once you see the before, you'll realize just how much dreaming this update took! Get tutorial here

Wooden Jewelry Box Goes Pretty in Pink

Even though this treasure chest is small, it makes a bold impact with that ladylike hue. Get tutorial here

Thrift Store Coffee Stand Gets a Wake Up Call

This was nothing special when she picked it up, but now? It's a coffee-lover's dream! Get tutorial here

Plastic Nightstand Becomes a Real Girl

This was covered in cheap plastic panels, until it got a fresh new face. Get tutorial here

Damaged Dresser Goes on a World Tour

Nothing covers up scratches and nicks quite like a map of the world! Get tutorial here

Plain Ol' Dresser with a Nautical Nod

A simple twist turned this mild mannered dresser into a sea-worthy wonder. Get tutorial here

Craigslist Cubby Gets Down to Business

This storage-packed homework station was once a lowly Craigslist cubby - you'd never know! Get tutorial here

Antique Dresser Cleans Up Nice

After ages of sanding, a beat-up estate sale dresser became this ravishing beauty before you! Get tutorial here

IKEA TARVA Turns Greek

Who says IKEA pieces can't be unique? Here's an awesome way to make your TARVA your own. Get tutorial here

Yellow Dresser with a Swoon-Worthy Makeover

The before picture (yellow, chipping, and tired) makes this redo even better! Get tutorial here

$10 Mirror Gets Some Elegant Framing

This mirror was plain as day. Now? It's proof that any junked piece can be breathtaking. Get tutorial here

Uninspiring Chest Gets Playful with Paper

Playing with paper is a great way to liven up even the most drab of dressers. Get tutorial here

Plain Jane Dresser Learns to Pop

It's all about contrast with this modern little eye-catcher. Before, it just blended, but now? Pop! Get tutorial here

Chipping Nightstand Goes Charming with Fabric

Sometimes, the only way to bring a piece to life is to cover it from head to toe in fabric! Get tutorial here

Hunk of Wood Defines Her Lines

Contouring isn't just for make-up. This hunk of wood looks 10x better with defined lines. Get tutorial here

Worn Out Dresser Gets a Delicate Dressing

This delicate dresser is so soft and sweet now, thanks to a little fabric and stain. Get tutorial here

Busted Nightstand to Floral Beauty

Once upon a time this looked b-a-d. But, boy did it have a happily ever after! Get tutorial here

Shapeless Dresser Gets Some Angles

This geometric dresser proves that you can never have too many angles! Get tutorial here

Cabinet Doors Find a New Purpose

Once plain cabinet doors found a new purpose, thanks to a little chalk paint and a few hooks! Get tutorial here