Can I paint over bathroom tiles if they have already been painted

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  • Jean Jean on Oct 13, 2017
    if they have been done with Epoxy paint? yes.
    if they have been done with oils? that's a big maybe.
    if they've been done with latex, and it's already wearing, I would use Citrisolve (paint stripper) to remove it before trying a new finish.

  • Teresa Adkins Workman Teresa Adkins Workman on Oct 13, 2017
    Thank you! It was done with latex and is peeling. I was going to use Epoxy on them. Hoping not to have to strip them!

    • Sharon Sharon on Oct 13, 2017
      To epoxy the surface must be free of paint, and use a green abrasive pad to scuff up, and several cleanings to make sure it stays on.

  • Sta27530971 Sta27530971 on Oct 15, 2017
    If the surface is the original glazed finish, one can paint freehand or stenciled designs with Folkart glass paints. For a more lasting design the tiles would need to be cooked in an oven at 200 degrees. If you have a kiln or can take the tiles to a local ceramic business, ceramic one strokes or over glazes can be used. These ceramic paints require a kiln to cook the paints onto the already glazed tiles at higher temperatures than a regular oven and would make the finish more permanent.