Can I use floetrol with chalk paint?

Julia Handley
by Julia Handley
I'm painting lots of bedroom furniture. Can I use floetrol with chalk paint?
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  • Shabby Paints Shabby Paints on Mar 26, 2016
    Yes, but a good chalk paint shouldn't need it. Read the warning label..toxins are never a good idea, it has an extremely high VOC count. If you are having issues with brush strokes in your paint I would first look at the type of brush you are using. Next Are you stirring your paint thoroughly rather than shaking.
  • Mary Insana Mary Insana on Mar 26, 2016
    You can add a little floetrol but as Shabby Paints mentioned, with a good chalk paint you shouldn't need it. Brushes make a difference. If your paint is too thick, pour some paint into a container and add a little water maybe a teaspoon and stir. Add more water a very little at a time until you get it to the consistency you prefer. Don't make it too thin. I prefer my paint a little thinner than it usually is right out of the container.
  • ..You CAN , but as stated....its not normally needed. I use Floetrol mainly for other types of paint, and it helps with " working time"- its mind of like an extender as well, it helps your ' open working time' when painting. I add a TINY bit of water if your Chalk paint is too thick, and always use a good brush. :)
  • Julia Handley Julia Handley on Mar 27, 2016
    thank you so much its really helped