Diy fail alert! I ran out of paint. What do I do?

Lea Grossman
by Lea Grossman
I was in the middle of painting my kitchen cabinets and ran out of paint!!! Sos! Anybody can help me?

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  • Cindy Cindy on Jul 01, 2018

    Hi Lea, Take a lid from the empty can with you to same place you purchased paint originally. There should be a sequence of numbers on the paint can lid. It's the "recipe" for that particular color. They should be able to make more paint the exact same color. Best wishes.

  • Ronald Johnson Ronald Johnson on Jul 01, 2018

    Hey, Ron Johnson here from Prattville, AL. To finish your project, see if you can completely finish a particular wall, covering to all corners to the baseboard, etc. Go to Lowe's and take the bucket with you. Have them completely stir what is left and match that shade of paint. If possible, do buy that same name-brand of paint. They can computerize the paint and match it so close, you may be unable to sell any difference. However, when an entire wall is painted a particular color, the other adjacent walls tend to blend together, even if there is some tiny tiny difference.

  • Ronald Johnson Ronald Johnson on Jul 01, 2018

    Correction: They can match it soooo close, you may be unable to see any difference.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Jul 01, 2018

    Hello Lea, oh my gosh that’s unfortunate. I hope that you live close-to a paint store! Best wishes on you kitchen cabinet rehab!

  • Imjhale Imjhale on Jul 02, 2018

    If you don't have the lid or paint#/code take your stir stick or something with the actual paint one it and they can color match it and identify the type of finish it was in.