Help, I need advise for exterior paint and trim colors.

I’m wondering how much consideration one needs to give to the roof color when selecting exterior paint color for the siding and trim.
q help i need advise for exterior paint and trim colors
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  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Jun 08, 2018
    The color of your roof will go with just about any color siding and trim. What color were you thinking? It looks like your gutters are blue, though. I've never seen blue gutters.

  • Bijous Bijous on Jun 08, 2018
    Architects give a great deal of thought to the color of the roof and even down to the color of the concrete of the driveway and patio(s). You can totally change the look of a house by painting the eves the same color as the roof and using a color of similar but lighter hue on the house. Or you can ignore the roof and treat it as a non-entity and paint the house and trim whatever you want. After all, it is your house.

  • Franklinrawley Franklinrawley on Jun 08, 2018
    you have to remember that the roof will be around a LONG time, 20 to 30 years. house colors can change over that time, so try to keep the neighbors happy to and not select any outlandish colors. the colors now look OK to me, but I would suggest looking at home and garden magazines to see what strikes your fancy. The paint stores will be happy to assist too.

  • Mary Mary on Jun 09, 2018
    An off white w black accents is good and then bring in colorful landscaping and accents

  • Als28293035 Als28293035 on Jun 09, 2018
    I like to look at the fixer upper shows on HGTV. They give a lot of good ideas.

  • Patrick J Katterhagen Patrick J Katterhagen on Jun 09, 2018
    Going to a reputable paint store with a picture can yield great ideas.

  • Kit Kit on Jun 09, 2018
    Pick your house paint colors first. Have a first and second choice.
    Then before you paint have a roofing contractor bring samples and discuss which roof colors go best with your two home color choices.
    I allowed my contractor to pick the roof color that would look best with my brick and siding and trim colors. He has been doing this a long time and his choice looked much better than what I would have chosen. Good Luck!