How can I spray paint a wood rocking chair?


I have a wood rocking chair from years ago,I sanded it and washed with vinegar and water, now I would like to paint it(spray paint).should I prime it first? I'm want to do this for my granddaughters room.,which is lilac in color.

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  • Mogie Mogie on Dec 01, 2018

    If this has spindles do they need any glue to tighten them? If so do this before starting to paint. Are you covering up another color or painting over the wood look itself? Unless you are basically painting the same color use primer so there in no bleed thru.

  • Gk Gk on Dec 01, 2018

    This is a good project for chalk paint. Rustoleum makes a spray chalk paint (as well as quarts) and a clear sealer to finish. Rustoleum Chalked Paint is the name--found at Menards, Home Depot, possibly Lowes. It comes in a some pretty colors and you get a nice smooth matte finish with the sprayed version of this chalk paint. Make sure you let your spray paint dry well before you seal it with the Rustoleum clear sealer. DO NOT use any other brand of clear sealer with this Rustoleum Chalked spray paint--PLEASE use their brand that goes with their chalk paint--if you do try and use another sealer/poly--your paint will bubble and crack--trust me--I ruined several projects using different brands of clear sealer/poly over this paint. Reasonably priced and often on sale.

  • Carol Jackson Carol Jackson on Dec 01, 2018

    I would to make sure color stays consistent. Or if you decide not to , it may take on a distressed look over time which could be neat also.

  • Deb K Deb K on Dec 01, 2018

    Hi Rosamaria, sounds like you prepped it all properly, just pick your color and keep the coats light, spray away!

  • Primer is always a good idea when using spray paint (or any paint really). You can get away with not using it with chalk paint, but since this is a rocker with curves and spindles you’ll be able to paint it most easily with spray paint. Pick a color, prime, and go for it :)