Paintable caulk?


I have posted a couple of different times a few months back about putting board and batten in my bathrooms and also about a crack in the corner of a bedroom. I used 4 different types of caulk in the projects. My question is that all of the projects didn’t accept paint well on the walls even though I definitely used paintable caulk. I’m thinking I need to put some sort of primer over the caulk and then repaint. All of the paint used by the builder is PPG flat (yes even in the bathrooms 😑). Can you please suggest the correct primer for this? All of my research has led to a couple of different ones - kilz cover stain and Gardz. From what I have read I think the issue is called flashing? I had actually noticed previously in a couple of areas in my house in the corners that I have the same problem. I even touched them thinking at the time that I had a leak and it was running down the cracks. The surface is kind of shiny. Thanks!

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