Adding pops of color while keeping resale in mind

We are renovating a house we plan to live in 2 years max and then selling. I really enjoy color in my home, but don't want to deter someone from buying because of paint. Any suggestions for neutral color?
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  • Hannah V Hannah V on Aug 15, 2014
    I'm in a similar boat! I live in an apartment that I'm not allowed to paint so what I've done is add color by hanging lots of things on my walls. Bright paintings, clocks, mirrors, plates, books you name it! That and colorful furniture can really brighten a space up! If you're set on painting I would say probably any color that is slightly muted. Like a nice lavender, mint, yellow. It will bring color without being too in your face. Hope this helps! :)

  • Sheryl DiMarco Sheryl DiMarco on Aug 15, 2014
    Add throws, pillows, knick knacks, draperies, etc.

  • Debbie Harris Debbie Harris on Aug 15, 2014
    Most people will get over paint colors they're not happy with, when buying a house they love... But don't be afraid of using colors that are earthy even bright colors. Look at all the colors of fall. Go for it! It's paint.

  • Susan Bartenfeld Susan Bartenfeld on Aug 16, 2014
    Hey, I was in Real Estate sales for 12 years. My suggestion is this. Paint what you want now, knowing to help resale you may have to paint again. Some people have a hard time "seeing over paint", IT'S JUST PAINT!!! If budget will not allow for repainting in such a short time, Think before you leap. Ask friends how they would feel about seeing different colors in a home if they were going to be purchasing the home. Get a feel for how "John Q Public" may feel about "color" We cannot live our lives to please others, just know that some will take color as bad and others will take it as good. Your Real Estate Agent should be able to suggest changes to help the property to sale. If they can't find another agent. Hope I have helped a little.

  • Sandra Sandra on Aug 16, 2014
    Keep walls the same throughout the house if possible and stick to a neutral colour, a very pale beige or antique white always go's well. You can add cushions, ornaments, curtains etc in your own choice of colours and for your own personal use, it's much easier to change accessories when needed than it is to do a paint job. I've brought and sold a few places and when your ready to sell buyers don't want to see your personal taste or things in a house as they need to picture their furniture etc. in that house (it's not a home to them until they have their belongings set up) When selling try and remove as many bits and pieces from the house to keep it as sparse as possible that's another key selling tool. Good luck.

  • Lee Cunningham Green Lee Cunningham Green on Aug 16, 2014
    A POP of color can be done with furnishing as well, Eggshell is of course the standard neutral color, it makes rooms look bigger and cleaner, Green makes people feel smarter, Blue calms shades of corals and oranges make people hungry. Dark colors are hard to color and can make a space feel closed in. Good Luck!

  • Missy Schaaf Missy Schaaf on Aug 17, 2014
    I have used Kilim Beige in all of my living spaces. With nice crisp white trim. Add color to a door or as stated above, accessories, to add color. Love that this color works with any color pallet, so it works when you're there & people can see that they may not have to paint when they move in! Just a thought.

  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Aug 17, 2014
    @Irma check out some model homes to see what neutrals they use. You can choose from a number of different colours. Here is a link to a site that discusses various shades of neutral. If you want to add pops of colour you can do this through throw pillows, throws, curtains and art work etc.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Aug 18, 2014
    Use a neutral color like Behr's Baked Scone for the base color and then accent with a color in your rug, carried through with tiebacks on your curtains, a throw, some pillows, and a vase. In fact, you can accent with a couple of coordinating colors like Aqua and Orange! Khaki and cranberry...whatever tones go with your taste. If you have a large open, look for a canvas and paint on splashes of the colors you want.

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Aug 18, 2014
    Some of the warm greys are neutral enough. Personally, I find "builder's beige" boring and think painting everything white makes for a surgical, cold feeling. I'd paint with colours that you love, or else accessorize with them.