What color would look nice in my hallway?

The boyfriend will not let me paint the doors or trim. He likes the wood.
what color would look nice in my hallway, foyer, painting
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  • Amy Toole Amy Toole on Jun 04, 2014
    I think something to match the carpet would be great, I LOVE that color!!

  • TD TD on Jun 04, 2014
    Or, paint the side walls a lighter shade of the door color and paint the end wall the carpet color.

    • Jo Anne Johns Jo Anne Johns on Jun 05, 2014
      @TD Definitely like your idea..at least blend the wood color of doors and mouldings with the walls so the hall is not so "chopped" up looking, then a pop of color at the end.A new update and brighter light fixture would help also.

  • Donna Byram Donna Byram on Jun 05, 2014
    I think Sherwin Williams SW 6211 Rainwashed would look pretty in your hall. It would brighten it up and would go great with your carpeting too. This is lady used it in her home and I think it's such a pretty color and looks so fresh and clean. http://www.frommyfrontporchtoyours.com/2014/06/french-farmhouse-bedroom-transformation.html

  • Sue D Sue D on Jun 05, 2014
    If you don't stay with the boyfriend- the doors are probably hollow and the house might be early to mid 60's . In our house replaced the doors with 6 panel doors and painted white. Our walls are a light beige. Light blue could be good.

    • Kim Lander Kim Lander on Jun 08, 2014
      @Sue D Its the boyfriend house. I'm afraid to paint the trim and doors without his permission. But if it was my house all of the trim and doors would be painted white. I was thinking of pale grey or a pale yellow.

  • Karen Shurette Karen Shurette on Jun 05, 2014
    I think a soft gray with white base and door trim. Then paint the doors a satin black. Ideally it would look really great with a beefed up floor trim and new paneled doors.

  • Tammy Shockley Tammy Shockley on Jun 05, 2014
    We put up a chair rail, painted the top kaki and the bottom red. We also painted the doors and trim.

  • Linda Linda on Jun 05, 2014
    Dump the boyfriend and paint it whatever color you want! Something light either something in the white or perhaps white with a tinge of the carpet color in it. Definitely the trim and doors painted white to lighten up this dark hallway.

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    • Shari Shari on Jun 06, 2014
      @Linda That made me laugh. Dr. Phil says smart men "don't mess with the nest." I couldn't agree more! I used to paint things, especially wood, while my husband was at work. (Better to ask for forgiveness than permission...) Now, after 41 years of marriage, I do as I darn well please when it comes to making our house a home and homey. As long as he has a big TV, a comfortable TV chair and food in the refrigerator (to include something chocolate), he doesn't care. ;)

  • Teresa Teresa on Jun 05, 2014
    I would deffinatly go with a cooler light color be cause your hallway looks so dark

  • PattyV PattyV on Jun 05, 2014
    I have a hallway similar to yours and it's been a thorn in my side. I've painted it three times and still not satisfied. Whatever you decide, stay light because I did a deep red once and I felt like I was drowning. Good luck, I'd like to see what you come up with, maybe it would help me!

  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on Jun 05, 2014
    In addition to the paint, it would be nice to make the walls into a pictue gallery. Look at this for ideas http://livingrichonless.com/tipsforhangingpictures.

  • Bonnie Bassett Bonnie Bassett on Jun 05, 2014
    My roommate just painted our livingroom with a very very pale green it is almost white with just a tint of green looks really nice and great for a dark area I like the tint rather than just going all white or off white

  • Roberta Eagleston Roberta Eagleston on Jun 05, 2014
    Get rid of the dark carpet and install wood flooring. Light color paint. Both will lighten the hallway. Paint color depends on the other room that goes off of hallway.

  • Theresa Theresa on Jun 05, 2014
    I nice light yellow would brighten it up but, if aren't going to replace the carpets I would do as someone suggested and go for a lighter color of the carpet. My hall is very similar right down to the doors and we replaced our doors and it brightened the hall way so much...good luck, please keep us informed.

  • Debbie Debbie on Jun 05, 2014
    I would paint it a very light gray with slightly darker gray vertical stripes.

  • Linda B Linda B on Jun 05, 2014
    If it were mine, I would NOT paint the end wall a dark color. It would make it look like a dark tunnel and even more short and closed in. If you want to paint it, do a winter white. I never like to paint pretty wood. Wood is beautiful. I would get different ceiling light fixtures to give it more light and look more up to date. I do love your carpet color. I have a Teal in my living room, master bedroom and down the stairs to the family room. I used to have a hallway like this and I put family pictures on it and it looked great. Gold & Creams are warm with greens. In my guest bathroom, I painted dark/bright green behind the gold framed mirror and it's gorgeous with the wood cupboards, etc. If you paint the end wall a color, I would match it to the carpet and keep the mirror if it has a gold frame. Glass makes things look bigger too. Too many colors in a small place will look cluttered. Hope this helps :-) Have fun with your project!

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    • Linda B Linda B on Jun 05, 2014
      @Kristina Cowan I have a large, high wall going down my stairway, that is faux painted with 4 different paint colors with a base color of a jade green, and then in layers of a medium blue, and a cream layer. This was done with rags. Then on top with gold on rags. The gold stands out and makes it brighter. The blue show but not much. I don't think you would want it to, but it just tones down the jade some. You need to test your colors first on a board to see how they will mix because when you mix colors they come out different that you expect them to. My wall is gorgeous and the first thing people notice when they come into our home. They usually are so taken back with the beauty of the colors. Practice, practice, practice before you start to make sure you get the right colors and the right pattern that you would like. We painted the whole wall with the jade first with a paint brush and let it dry. Then used rags for the other colors, one color at a time. Place the colors hear and there and let them run into each other and on top of each other. This is why you need to practice.

  • Dfinch Dfinch on Jun 05, 2014
    I think a very, very pale peach.....really a warm white with just a hint of peach. Should work with the doors and carpet.

  • Kristina Cowan Kristina Cowan on Jun 05, 2014
    Along with color, mirrors could brighten up that hall, just something decorative or I've seen antique windows with panes turned into mirrors. Let the light in! :)

  • Nancy Gramm Nancy Gramm on Jun 05, 2014
    You've got some good suggestions…well, all except the "lose the boyfriend" one! My hub's like your BF--hates painting wood--but I kinda wanna keep him. I like Donna's Rainwashed suggestion, except IMHO it needs more of a blue tint. SW 6756 Crystal Clear is a good one. Or 6750 Waterfall. According to the Color Visualizer, the latter works well with teal and white and taupe and red.

  • Susan Susan on Jun 05, 2014
    I wall papered the far wall in my" tunnel" hallway. U could use fabric and liquid starch- -that way could change pattern and color!

  • Cheryl Watters Cheryl Watters on Jun 05, 2014
    See if he will go with whitewash paint. Whitewash allows the wood texures to show through,did that with my horrible pine kitchen cupboards, couldnt afford to redo in wood and hate fake woods and melamine. The whole kitchen is bright and light now. my husband was so sceptical at first but loves it now.

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jun 05, 2014
    Don't know about budget. Think you need to address the tunnel effect . I'd replace a couple of doors with French doors that have 12 panes. You can stain them to match the others. On the panes, you could use those sheets which don't stop light, but provide privacy. Or that glass spray that makes them look frosted. This would allow more light into the hall if closed. The glass panes would add visual interest and help expand the space.. ( I did this in my downstairs half-bath.) I like the colour of your carpet, but I think it closes in the space. I'd wainscot to add interest. I'd go light above, and darker below. And wallpaper is being revived - there are thousands of patterns. Maybe group some pictures above the wainscoting.

  • Shari Veater Shari Veater on Jun 05, 2014
    What color is the carpet? A nice light blue or gray would go with it, maybe a updated ceiling light too? Alot of men like the natural wood look :)

  • Kristina Cowan Kristina Cowan on Jun 05, 2014
    I see what you mean, great insight! I just shared the sponge idea after my mom and I used it in a bathroom and it ended up really nice! I can imagine seeing your work, it would look awesome! :) thanks for the tips!

  • Michele Eures Michele Eures on Jun 05, 2014
    I think you will have to paint the trim and replace the doors to bring it out of the 70's era. We painted ours (although it was a 90's house) and got 6-panel doors in white and it made a huge difference in the whole house.

  • Jan Jan on Jun 05, 2014
    I think if you removed the mirror at the end of the hall, it would help you lose the tunnel effect. Make it a portrait wall instead. As for a wall colour, I think a light grey would work well to tone down the wood tone. Try Coventry grey or stonington grey by Benjamin Moore.

  • Pam Bolton Pam Bolton on Jun 05, 2014
    Several suggestions to help with the tunnel effect in your hallway. 1. Paint walls a warm white such as BM Grand Teton or White Dove. A warm white doesn't have a blue or grey undertone. 2. Paint the ceiling a soft, pale blue such as 25% BM Palladiam Blue. 3. Clean and wax your existing doors and baseboards. 4. Paint your doorbell cover white. 5. Clean your lightfixtures and replace bulbs with 60 watt Edison bulbs for added light and ceiling interest. 6. More $$ and time, but adding board and batten 3/4 up the walls would breakup up the dark tunnel effect. This would require painting the doors and woodwork, however. 7. Add a gallery wall of pictures on the left side of the hall with glass in the frames to bounce around the light. 8. Add a painted piece of furniture at the end of the hall. Your mirror is a goid idea, but the wrong shape. Try a round or sunburst mirror over the painted chest. Good luck and please let us know what you decide.

    • Nancy B Nancy B on Feb 08, 2015
      @Pam Bolton Martha Stewart's "Dogwood Blossom". I had Behr do a paint match in flat. I painted both the walls and the ceiling in my hallway that color. Take down the mirror and replace it somewhere else in the house where the depth factor would be appreciated.The natural wood on the doors and woodwork is beautiful.

  • Therese C Therese C on Jun 05, 2014
    Going with the color of the carpet and the fact the hallway doesn't have much natural lighting, I would go with a very subtle grey color (Dove Grey) for the side walls, Arctic White for the ceiling and end wall. Add some black and white framed prints along the walls, and update the light fixtures. See my posts and you will see a very simple and inexpensive light cover alternative. Best of luck! (post pics when done)

  • Veronica Fischer Veronica Fischer on Jun 05, 2014
    Taupe or a silver/gray

  • Reta Green Reta Green on Jun 05, 2014
    i would put a mirror at end of hallway,after painting walls a pretty pastel.might even paint behind the mirror a tiny bit darker pastel then the walls. then add some art work or family photo gallery to one wall.

  • Yvonne Yvonne on Jun 06, 2014
    I like Reta's ides of the mirror at the end of the hall. As far as the paint goes, you should paint the doors out the same color as the walls when your boyfriend is at work....sorry oopsy

  • Tuzwoo Tuzwoo on Jun 06, 2014
    paint it a brighter color, add a mirror wall at the end. put up some sconces.add a brighter rug runner down the middle. paint the doors and jams to match the new wall color too.

  • Shari Shari on Jun 06, 2014
    I had the same hallway dilemma when we bought our house...long, dark, tunnel-like hall with awful U.G.L.Y. orange trim moldings and (5) doors. My problem was compounded by outdated wallpaper and chair rail molding that made the hall look even longer and more narrow than it already was. There was absolutely no question every inch of the moldings, doors and baseboards in the entire house would be painted a bright, clean, crisp white. My husband used to be a wood lover too but I cured him of that affliction by showing him how not all wood is created equal and worthy of keeping. Now he trusts my judgement when it comes to painting wood and doesn't bat an eye when he sees me with a can of paint and paint brush in hand. I whole-heartedly agree with @Pam Pam -- orangey "oak" is so outdated. I would keep working on your BF about painting the wood. Nothing will really update and freshen the hall until the orange is gone.

  • Carol Tomlin Carol Tomlin on Jun 06, 2014
    Shari, I believe you are right. The woodwork and doors are in need of a drastic change. It's time for a fresh new look. Kim, I hope your boyfriend will trust you and agree to change the woodwork and doors. If it's your house do what you like. When he becomes more than a boyfriend, he gets more say...maybe ? :)

  • Lorraine Alesia Lorraine Alesia on Jun 07, 2014
    Blue with grey undertone'

  • MaryAnn Winkelwoman MaryAnn Winkelwoman on Jun 08, 2014
    Get rid of the boyfriend and paint the walls yellow

  • Shari Shari on Jun 08, 2014
    I wanted to come back and share another picture I found of my hallway in "transition" between the two photos I posted above. This was after the wallpaper came down and the walls, trim and doors had been painted. In this picture the carpet had not been replaced yet but even with the dark hunter green carpet still on the floor, I think it is really obvious the hallway looks much lighter and brighter without the old orange oak trim and doors. Maybe (hopefully) this photo will convince your BF the hallway would look fresher if all the wood trim and doors were painted. Good luck! :)

  • Kim Lander Kim Lander on Jun 08, 2014
    Thank you everyone for all of the great ideas. So I'm leaning to a light grey on walls, white on ceilings and removing the mirror.

    • Noreen Callahan Hamm Noreen Callahan Hamm on Jun 09, 2014
      @Kim Lander I had the same problem with a dark hall. Painted all walls a light Chocolate froth, ceiling White Truffle all trim was called Polar Bear . and the doors were taken off and sanded and painted Earth nut. I replaced all hinges and door knobs. in total I had 7 hall doors.

  • Bonnie Bonnie on Oct 14, 2014
    I'm getting the impression it's the boyfriend's home, so painting the doors/trim would be incredibly inconsiderate. I personally like the wood look, and with a boldly colored carpet like you have, you could use some warm colors on the walls and even a printed wallpaper that would tie the color of the carpet in together. You could also do a wiiiide striping technique using the same color paint but one set of stripes would be semi-gloss, the other stripes do in either flat paint or glossy as a tone on tone contrast. It makes a very classy looking wall treatment.

  • Kam D Kam D on Aug 13, 2015
    Yup..any guy who stands in the way of the design deva has to go...make your nest, just like you would want....it to be..PS...guys will adjust to change, just do it..