What is the best finish to put on a cedar chest?

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  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Dec 08, 2017
    Below is an article that should help you. Wishing you the best.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Dec 08, 2017
    I like a clear varnish or polyurethane on the outside. On the inside, to preserve the cedar smell, use as simple a finish as possible. An odorless baby oil would be my choice. If oil might damage what you put in yours, use a pure wax. 😇

  • Janet Panos Janet Panos on Dec 09, 2017
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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Dec 09, 2017
    Polyurethane is the most durable. On the inside, all I do is slightly sand the inside so that the cedar wood can do its job to keep away the moths that eat your wool clothing and blankets. If you top coat it at all on the inside, the cedar scent may not be able to do its job.

  • Mac6231 Mac6231 on Dec 09, 2017
    If you want the cedar scent on the inside, do not apply anything and a light sanding will reinvigorate the scent. Polyurethane reacts with cedar wood and makes the finish sag on the vertical surfaces. You cannot brush this out!! Use shellac or any non-polyurethane varnish. One thing Ilearned over the years is to always thin your finish with the appropriate thinner and I always apply the finish with a brush and then wipe it with a rag to eliminate all excess and brush marks. You may need to give it another coat but the results are worth it. Good luck.