What is the best way to remove wallpaper?

Deb Stier
by Deb Stier
I don’t want to leave tracks in the drywall as I did previously in a different room.
Current paper I want to remove.
Tracks left in the other room
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 10, 2018


  • Fay Babin Fay Babin on Jan 10, 2018

    I used 50/50 warm water & vinegar.

  • Here is a link - I steam wallpaper off, rent the steamer and scoring tool from any tool supply or home improvement center. I have removed a lot of wallpaper and these methods do work. Good luck!

  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Jan 10, 2018

    Is it dry strippable paper? If so, pull off the first layer, then saturate the paper with a water and fabric softener solution, let sit, then carefully rub or scrape off...if it is pasted in, you might have to score the paper so that the solution can penetrate

  • Mis10588555 Mis10588555 on Jan 11, 2018

    Warm soapy (Dawn) water. Apply to the wall with a paint roller. Let it set a few minutes, then use a scraper to remove. Don't over soak or leave it on too long or you'll damage the dry wall.

  • Gail Gail on Jan 11, 2018

    put a couple of drying sheets ( Bounce, or whatever you use) in a pail of warm water and sponge on to wallpaper.

  • Wendy Wendy on Jan 11, 2018

    Cheap blue fabric softener mixed with very hot water in a spray bottle. Spray on wall and let set for a few minutes then scrape..always worked for me. I got this from a wallpaper company years ago.

  • For me, I used Windex, it was better than any wallpaper remover I purchased, I did not like scoring, if you can get one corner free...spray and it will break the glue and you can peel the paper right off. I have removed lots of wallpaper. To the point where I despise it now...I had it in every room of my 9 room house.

  • Pau5674629 Pau5674629 on Jan 11, 2018

    A hand scraper

  • Joa22028464 Joa22028464 on Jan 11, 2018

    I had some very heavy pre-pasted wall covering to remove. Straight vinegar in a spray bottle worked like magic. A neighbor was trying to remove wall covering with fabric softener but having no luck. I told him to try the vinegar and it worked like a charm! Also, I did not score my walls.

  • Eli25740544 Eli25740544 on Jan 11, 2018

    Peel the outer layer of the wallpaper off, dilute fabric softener in a spray bottle, spray the solution directly on the remains of the wall paper, it will bubble up then you can scrap it off with a scraper . Wipe the wall clean with a damp cloth.

  • 17335038 17335038 on Jan 11, 2018

    If the wallpaper has been glued on with additional glue to what is prestuck on the the backing, it still may require scraping. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully you try to do this, it may leave some marks in the drywall.

  • Mouna Mouna on Jan 13, 2018

    For me I did it myself a years ago .i went to goodwill bought an iron with steamer .easy to use just iron and peel at the same time its like you melting the glue  and voila

  • Dan29422994 Dan29422994 on Jan 13, 2018

    50/50 mix of vinegar and water. Soak the paper with a wallpaper sponge in small sections. Then wait 5 minutes or so and scraper the wettest section part. It is slow going but it works. I would wear one section while I worked on another. I used plastic paint scrapers so I didn't leave any marks on the walls.

  • Kim Smith Kim Smith on Jan 19, 2018

    I've tried em all-and they DONT work........go to a cheap Chinese tool store and buy a $20 wall paper steamer.. Take your time and do it right and there wont be any marks...👍🏼👍🏼