Asked on Jun 01, 2014

What is the difference between chalk paint & flat paint?

what is the difference between chalk paint & flat paint?
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  • Hi Barb, You're going to get a LOT of responses for this. As far as I know and have read (and experienced first-hand), chalk paint is any kind of paint that has an additive mixed into it to give it a gritty, matte finish and easy drying time. Many people use it because many times it negates the need for sanding a apiece and the finish allows for an easy time if you want to distress the wood. The finish is the opposite of glassy. Many people (me included) actually **make** their own chalk paint - which consists of latex paint of any color (you can use acrylic paint too), some water, and either plaster of paris, calcium carbonate or unsounded grout mixed into it. Now, flat paint is (usually) a latex paint that dries without a reflective finish - that's it - the finish is smoother (imho) than chalk paint. Chalk paint really dries quickly and it has a rough texture to it after it dries. Many people use wax or poly-acrylic sealant on top of their furniture piece to keep the paint from peeling. So there ya go, my best explanation. I am sure you'll get more in depth explanations, but I hope this helps a little. Be well!
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    • Sarah Schneider Sarah Schneider on Jun 06, 2017

      Thank you so much for this analysis. I've been curious about this for awhile and am dying to try this technique.

  • Wendy Johnson Wendy Johnson on Jun 01, 2014
    I am learning also, so i hope you dont mind if i try to learn from your answers...
  • Judi Parmer Todd Judi Parmer Todd on Jun 02, 2014
    THANK YOU! I just wanted to know if I was better off just making enough for one item, and having to make a little "more" if necessary, than making more than I need, and then having to throw it away. You have answered everything I wanted to know, and I thank you VERY much for taking the time. Much appreciated.
  • Judi Parmer Todd Judi Parmer Todd on Jun 02, 2014
    I meant making more than I needed, then storing it. It's Monday, what can I say <smile>
  • Sheila Bolan Sheila Bolan on Mar 13, 2018

    Eee smashing, thanks very much for taking time to reply,and useful information,as it works just aswell,with emulsion/flat paint and much cheaper,too,happy days peeep,s 😄🙄cheerio for now x