How can I tone down a yellow bathroom?

My new apartment's bathroom is windowless with bright yellow shower/tub surround tile and counter top. I will be living here for a long time and cannot make any permanent changes and not allowed to paint. How can I make the yellow (my least favorite color) less offensive?

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  • TaKenya Hampton TaKenya Hampton on Oct 02, 2018

    can you post a picture? I would say use white or complimenting colors to decorate and tone it down. if you can fit one a full body mirror might help bounce more light around.

    • Karyl Schweigert Lawson Karyl Schweigert Lawson on Oct 02, 2018

      Thank you for your ideas. I have a high quality white shower curtain and white towels. I've put a white cabinet over the toilet in a country French look. The mirror over the sink is just a flat square mirror no medicine cabinet. I'm planning on mounting a country French oval frame in the middle of the mirror. I'm thinking grey or blue to tone down the yellow. My fear of more mirror is it bouncing more yellow around the room and I hate yellow, it actually depresses me.

  • Dee Dee on Oct 02, 2018

    One of the best qualities of the color yellow is that it goes great with nearly every other color -- white, orange, green, pink, blue, navy blue brown. Pick one or two shades of yellow to use as accents, plus a dark neutral, and include doses of white for a balanced color palette.Yellow is so easy to work with. Get a new shower curtain, with beige and brown, use accessories in which ever color you choose. I love yellow and navy, but that would depend on the colors in the shower curtain. Buy that first and work from there.

    • Karyl Schweigert Lawson Karyl Schweigert Lawson on Oct 02, 2018

      Thank you for your ideas. I have a very nice white shower curtain that almost looks yellow in the room. I've been a white on white person so I have many white accessories. I am reluctant to add any more yellow because the lighting even looks yellow at this point. I'm thinking of going with grey or blue as a counter point.

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Oct 02, 2018

    Get dark towels, shower curtain and rugs in your favorite color, yellow goes with just about anything. Get some accessories to match the linens and a picture or two to draw your attention away from the yellow.

  • Sophia Clark Sophia Clark on Oct 02, 2018

    Ooh, this could be fun! My (fairly) new house has a bright yellow kitchen counter & I kept it & played with it. For your bathroom it might be fun to replace the vanity knobs with bright yellow ones. Just save the old ones & you can change them back. It would be fun to get a shower curtain with a sun, moon, & stars design. Then you can, online or at a Wal-Mart type place, get towels & washclothes in orange, and blue. A small dark blue or orange mat for the shower would finish everything nicely.

    You could get or make a large-scale picture with a stylized orange sun surrounded with a dark blue background for the wall. For a bathroom, artwork should be sealed as framers do. Or a novelty poster would be inexpensive.

  • Sherri Sherri on Oct 02, 2018

    Karyl, what kind of decor do you like? If you like modern you could go with bright primary colors. Rustic? Gray and white may be nice. It really starts with the kind of decor you like. Can you give us an idea and we'll help.

    • Karyl Schweigert Lawson Karyl Schweigert Lawson on Oct 02, 2018

      Thank you. I am leaning toward grey and white or blue and white. I'm thinking of putting a lot of artwork on the one empty wall in hopes it will give my eyes some relief from the yellow. A friend who was visiting my place for the first time, walked into the bathroom, turned on the light and said "YIKES"! It's bad.

  • Linda Linda on Oct 02, 2018

    Grey is a nice toned town color that looks good with yellow. Consider white and grey shower curtain, rugs and such.

    • Karyl Schweigert Lawson Karyl Schweigert Lawson on Oct 02, 2018

      Thank you. I have a very nice white shower curtain and towels. I am thinking grey or blue will help cool off the yellow. I found an idea on hometalk that I might try...framing a fabric shower curtain to cover the one empty wall. The fabric is white and varied shades of blue. I'm so sick of looking at all that yellow. It actually depresses me.

  • maybe some repositionable wall paper or decals would work

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    • I didn't realize the walls were textured, sorry about that. Good luck though

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Oct 02, 2018

    Choose a theme and let that dictate your decor. Navy, white, and yellow are a popular combination as well as those already mentioned.