How can I find leaf patterns for stenciling my walls?


Want to stencil a simple leaf or flower with length onto my kitchen cabinets

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  • B B on Aug 17, 2019

    This is such an individual choice Would not be a good selling feature ! I would use stencils of different sized leaf stencils but the same type of leaf. Or a falling leaf pattern placing leaf on each door in a falling pattern the first cupboard on LTE left facing you at top and slightly lower maybe a little smaller to the last cupboard. Different colours of green or fall colours.

  • Trudi Trudi on Aug 17, 2019

    Just google leaf or flower template or if you can make your own, just pictures. You will find lots of ideas. Then when you copy them you can stretch the picture on your computer before printing.

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Aug 17, 2019

    you can buy the stencils at any craft store or walmart

  • Sharon Sharon on Aug 22, 2019

    I watched my neighbor use real leaves and fern fronds to make a camo car...... just laid them on the surface and sprayed several different greens......

    So take a walk and collect some leaves, put on poster board or that plastic cutting board material for rolling out pie dough. They have them at the Dollar Tree. Draw around each with a marker, and use an Xacto knife to cut out the interior along the edge.