Painting beadboard

Susan Kenneally
by Susan Kenneally
I have done it before but always looking for tips!
Paint indents first followed by roller the entire length? Type of roller cover? Tips to prevent runs? Thanks much!
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  • The Rozy Home The Rozy Home on Mar 05, 2015
    The most important part of all of this is the right paint. Cheap paint = bad results. Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams are my faves (I prefer SW over BM). As far as rollers, I only use Purdy.They have shown time and time again to be the best out there. I recently bought their actual roller and even it is awesome! :-). Good look!
  • Susan Kenneally Susan Kenneally on Mar 05, 2015
    Have you ever used foam rollers? Do you brush stroke over where you've rolled? This is in a hall so it's readily seen. Thanks
  • D & K D & K on Mar 05, 2015
    The big box home improvement stores offer a v grooved foam roller that's excellent for beadboard panels. Me...I simply use a good quality 3/4 nap roller. The 3/8 and 1/2 nap roller don't cover or get into the v grooves on the beadboard very well. Not to mention you'll spend twice as much time brushing all the grooves and rolling the surface, one coat, as you would applying two coats with a long nap roller
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    • Susan Kenneally Susan Kenneally on Mar 06, 2015
      You've convinced me! And all these years I've been knocking myself out painting grooves. Great advice & thanks
  • K K on Mar 06, 2015
    I used a 3/4 nap roller too- no need to paint the grooves first- way too time consuming- but keep a brush handy & touch up as you go if the roller misses any spots (likely near the top molding & base molding)
  • K K on Mar 06, 2015
    if you paint the grooves first with a brush first , you may see that show up in the finish. ive painted a trim first and then gone back to finish and you could see where i did the trim painting. if you use the 3/4" roller as dennis recommended youll be amazed how that fills in the crevasses. if you do decide to do the two steps, make sure you do thhe roller before the first step dries.
  • Dee Dee on Mar 06, 2015
    I just used a paint sprayer to paint bead board and it came out great. I have also used a roller, Do not paint the groves first you will have more paint marks.