Can I paint glass light pendants?

Mel Jakus
by Mel Jakus
I have 3 glass pendant lights hanging over my kitchen island that have darkened over time, probably due to grease exposure, and changed from amber to orangey. Is it possible to paint glass pendants? I'd like to paint them lighter--possibly an off-white or light gray. Any suggestions on paint type and method? Thanks!
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  • Tammy J Kirby Thomas Tammy J Kirby Thomas on Jun 05, 2017

    Krylon makes a stained glass spray paint that I would think would do a good job. If spray painting isn't your style then any glass paint should work.

  • Pat Ruge Pat Ruge on Jun 05, 2017

    Chalk paint is an excellent choice for painting glass with limitless color choices. You can even get a crackle effect, if you like that. There are many posts here on Hometalk, not only on how to make your own chalk paint, but how to paint glass and how to get the crackle effect. You might even consider adding some bling.

  • Becky Partain Becky Partain on Jun 05, 2017

    Fusion or chalk paint would work great. Please post pics after you're done.

  • Dawn Dawn on Jun 06, 2017

    I used glass paint in any craft store and blotted the colors together to make a sort of marbled effect. colors were oranges reds browns yellows... my room is a more red oriented color. It reminds me of an impressionist painting.

  • Judi1 Judi1 on Jun 06, 2017

    Glass paint can be set in oven.

  • Eliz Eliz on Jun 06, 2017

    Before painting I would check and see if you can take them down and apart then see about cleaning them. I f its paint that has dulled see if you can remove it , if its just grease build up I would seriously clean them before doing any painting to them

  • Terry Karr Terry Karr on Jun 06, 2017

    There are many options with glass paint . look in hardwear stores you can get an idea what available. see what you like best .