What color should I paint my bedroom furniture?

K, I finally have the wall color - it will be a silver gray to go with my black, gray and white bedding. I have purchased a lot of accessories in silver, black and lavender so far. My drapes are black and white. I have a white tufted headboard, I was thinking about painting the furniture an antique white with all the drawer fronts in a light gray. Now I am not sure if I should do black? Thoughts?
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  • Linda Eddleman Linda Eddleman on Mar 09, 2015
    Maybe the white with lavender drawer pulls/handles

  • Shari Shari on Mar 09, 2015
    I think I would vote for white furniture but I'm not sure about "antique white." Antique whites generally have beige or yellowish undertones and I don't think that is going to look as good with your silvers/grays as a pure white or a white with a hint of grayish undertones. Without photos of your other items or knowing the style of your furniture, I'm undecided about the gray drawer fronts. Depending on how much other pattern is in your bedding and drapes, two colors on the furniture could possibly look too "busy." Again, depending on the style of the furniture, you might consider painting the furniture all white and then using black drawer pulls.

  • Lindcurt Lindcurt on Mar 09, 2015
    I like the idea of white with lavender drawer fronts. It sounds like to me that you already have several black and white patterns. I don't like the B/W dresser idea at all. Maybe paint it all white or off white- whichever- then paint one drawer gray and one lavender and see which one looks best. It's easy to paint over the one you like least.

  • Diane Read Diane Read on Mar 10, 2015
    Hi @Shair and @lindcurt - these are both great suggestion! Thanks so much for your advice. I will be do WHITE white vs the antique white on the furniture. As far as the drawers are concerned, I will do three drawers in each color to see what I like best. My furniture is more for lacking a better word "colonial" i.e. not modern and not antique. For some strange reason I am unable to upload any photos, not sure why.

  • Tris Smith Tris Smith on Mar 10, 2015
    Gloss white or distressed white, I would suggest.

  • Carol Potts Carol Potts on Mar 10, 2015
    I've painted furniture high gloss black and it looks great with white and silver. The high gloss black makes the furniture "pop" and looks really rich and decadent.

  • I would definitely paint it white.