Will painting one wall in a small living a dark color make it seem sma

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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Mar 28, 2018
    Just the Chimney breast might be ok or the two walls either side of chimney breast..........The darkest wall is always the window wall and the lightest is always the one opposite.

  • Marcia Pierce Marcia Pierce on Mar 28, 2018
    Depends on the contrast to the other walls. I have my feature wall a dark bronze and the other 3 walls a very light coffee (think lots of creamer in coffee!). My living room is only 13' wide.

  • It all depends on the size of the room, natural light, lighting options in the space itself and the colors chosen. If you like it do it! It is just paint!

  • Charlotte Erickson Charlotte Erickson on Mar 28, 2018
    I have also used a chocolate brown on my feature wall with Navajo White on the others. I don't think it makes it look smaller at all.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 28, 2018
    size and lighting of the room makes the difference

  • Cristine Schwartzberg Cristine Schwartzberg on Mar 28, 2018
    High contrast can make a room seem much smaller. Are the other walls very light? One dark wall can also visually trick the eye to bring the dark wall seem closer. I used this trick in a long narrow bathroom to make it seem less long and less narrow. This visually changed the shape of the room from a bowling alley to a basic rectangular shape.

  • Geew Geew on Mar 28, 2018
    Visually, dark colors recede while light colors advance. For example, this means for a small space is that you're not limited to white. Dark accent colors such as navy, gray or any other dark colors can make a space look larger when you limit their use to ONE wall. By painting an accent wall in a dark shade optically pushes it back by giving the room a greater sense of depth & space.
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  • Jlnatty Jlnatty on Mar 28, 2018
    Try it out and see if you like it. The concept might work but the color you choose may be a winner - or not. If you don't like it, you can repaint one wall, it's not so much of a hassle as painting an entIre room. I agree with a previous comment that says it depends how much light you have in the room and the lighting options you use at night. Me, I don't use much light at night and I like a cozy romantic look, so my dark accent wall is a dramatic standout. But I also have a lot of sparkle/bling and "glam" in my living room that adds a counterbalance to the dark wall and the other three walls are very light with a white ceiling. There is also a very large picture window with white sheers on it that lets in a ton of light during the day, the cozy appears after sunset.

  • Reenaroc Reenaroc on Mar 28, 2018
    I agree with everyone that says just try it! And then wait a few weeks to see how much you like it. Add accent colors to complement and I bet it will look great. How fun!!