Found approx.4' tall iron bird cage with equal girth !!

This cage has 4 iron bird feeder holders ( must of had glass inserts ). On the top has 2 iron bars and the 4 feet are iron "half lidded" ball feet . Quite a find in someone's "clean-out "..she's painted roughly a tan color . My ? to all of you creative souls is "What would you do with it ?" Yes , an open plant terrarium would be neat or using glass to make shelves and transform it into a art/book case ...uhm...those 2 don't quite get me revved up ...I do- do stain glass ...Whattayah think ? Thanks !
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Oct 02, 2013
    The open terrarium idea sound pretty cool...especially if contain a small water feature / fountain.

  • Seabreezn Seabreezn on Oct 08, 2013
    Thank you for the suggestions but this doesn't answer my question because I need your creative juices to start flowing ! Picture the described and let your imagination run , I know your a bunch of creative smart -cookies ...Let's jam on some ideas ! Thanks !

  • Julie Moyna Julie Moyna on Oct 29, 2013
    OMG. I had a 7' from my neighbor. I gave to my friend after a long love affair in my front yard where my birds of the neighborhood gathered everyday! I left bowls of water and seed perched on different parts of the in and outside. Always had the doors open. It was huge! So sad to let it go but she got a baby parrot. Lots of room to grow

  • Seabreezn Seabreezn on Nov 02, 2013
    Thanks for sharing ! Can't leave this one out though as we have NorEastah winter winds & sea salt air ..