How to remove old wood odor

Does anyone know how to remove old wood odor from old dressers?
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  • I was saw products in Home Depot today for smoke smells and other things. You may want to check it out. Sometimes setting it outside on a hot sunny day (maybe a few) to air out.

  • Alma Alma on Sep 27, 2013
    Buy some cedar chips and put them in drawers for a nice aroma.

  • Jean Jean on Sep 27, 2013
    try some dryer sheets

  • Adriana Maranto Adriana Maranto on Sep 28, 2013
    Spray with lysol, wipe to rinse, air dry then put some lemon furniture oil, wait until it absorb it before putting items in it

  • Thomas T Thomas T on Sep 28, 2013
    The “old wood” odor is mold. Best to try a solution of water/bleach (20/80) and “paint” both the inside and outside of everything. I’d follow with linseed oil (In and out again) to finish unless you preferred to paint the outside.

  • Barbara Thomas Barbara Thomas on Sep 28, 2013
    I agree, the odor is mold and the bleach solution will kill the mold. Good advice Thomas T.