Remembering Silly Things in Life :Will Make You Smile Today

Sherry H. here, boy do I love hometalk. It's like a breath of fresh air. I remember the first time I saw it. So many energetic people, Every one is so helpful just ready to help with anything to give you a hand and help you with any thing We are like one big family helping each other Myself and others have been waiting for hometalk.
q remembering silly things in life will make you smile today
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  • Cori Widen Cori Widen on Jan 03, 2017
    Sherry, thank you so much for this - it made my day! We're so happy to have you as a part of our community :)

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jan 03, 2017
    Hi Sherry! Thank you for you kind words, I feel the same way  Thank you for all of your amazing contributions!

  • Haysha S. Haysha S. on Jan 03, 2017
    Aww thanks Sherry! It's people like you that make Hometalk great!

  • Sherry H. Sherry H. on Jan 03, 2017
    HI every one, I am so grateful to everyone on hometalk. You have really made my day too. Stay safe and Bless You All. Good times are here to stay!

  • EL Hoard EL Hoard on Jan 05, 2017

  • Angela Angela on Jan 05, 2017

    • Sherry H. Sherry H. on Jan 09, 2017
      Hi Angela, glad you liked my picture. The very best part Hometalk. Thank you so much.
      Bless You, Sherry H.

  • Beverly Campbell Beverly Campbell on Jan 05, 2017
    OMG !!! Thanks for making my day. I had to wait a few minutes to post this because I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. Love all the Hometalk partners. I just learned how to post on the site so will be contributing my ideas this new year. Again, thanks for the good laugh Sherry.

  • Francesca Francesca on Jan 05, 2017
    Sherry you are so right. This is a great place to come to. Thanks to everyone for their great posts and for sharing their lives.

  • William William on Jan 05, 2017
    This made my day! Thank you for your gracious comments. My feelings exactly. By the way, are they training for college?! =:)

  • Asha Ravada Asha Ravada on Jan 06, 2017
    Love it ! Some times we need a reminder that its OK to be silly/ goofy! Thank you Sherry and Wishing all Hometalk members a Happy New year!

  • Sherry H. Sherry H. on Jan 06, 2017
    Thanks Asha, I was hoping it had a good feeling for everyone. It makes me happy to see it. I think of my cousins, and I laugh even more. I hope you had a nice New Years! Think good thoughts. Bless you and yours.

  • Smb228 Smb228 on Jan 07, 2017
    I look forward to the emails. All the ideas are pretty amazing and even if something isn't to my taste, I can usually find a way to use the idea that is.

    • Sherry H. Sherry H. on Sep 02, 2017
      Now thats a great way of thinking! Illl next time, try doing it another way
      with 1 or 2 exceptions for a craft project. Good luck.

  • That Girl! That Girl! on Jan 07, 2017
    How funny! Reminds me of the night, many years ago, that my (now ex-)husband came home after drinking too much. He wasn't very stable on his feet or this wouldn't have worked. He undressed, left his underwear in the floor and I made him a mask out of them just like these boys are wearing.

    • Sherry H. Sherry H. on Sep 02, 2017
      So glad you enjoyed it. Every one keep on the smile side and have a happy day.

  • Sherry H. Sherry H. on Jan 08, 2017
    Good for you. Thats so cool. Memories

  • Kathy Bitzan Kathy Bitzan on Jan 08, 2017
    Oh, did I get a chuckle out of this... reminds me of a time I caught my ex husband and son in law down stairs at my mom's.. I laughed so hard when I saw them with underwear on their heads. Yep grown men. Pretty darn funny. My mom's extra large undies where a hit with them for some reason.

    • Sherry H. Sherry H. on Sep 02, 2017
      oy did I smile wnen you sent your comment. Keep that chuckle and smile.
      It's so heart warming!

  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Sep 02, 2017
    I really needed this today. Brought a tear to my eye and a tug at my heart. Thank you so much. (This would be a great picture to share at his wedding!  )

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    • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Sep 02, 2017
      I'm thinking 'picture' coffee mugs for Christmas! OMG wouldn't that be funny? Invitations to a birthday party! So many options. I'm sure the cousins will get a big laugh. It's just the most perfect innocent picture I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing.