Whats the best product or homemade product to clean wood laminate floors with?.

Mine seem hazy in spots. Ive tried the steam mop but have read its not good for laminate.Ive also heard vinegar. Do you guys have any suggestions i dont want to warp my floors by getting them to wet. thanks
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  • Natalie W Natalie W on Nov 30, 2011
    Have you tried the swiffer wet jet? It seems to be made for this type of flooring

  • 3po3 3po3 on Nov 30, 2011
    The best bets are diluted vinegar on a damp (not soaked) mop, or the commercial laminate cleaners from hardware stores.

  • Natalie W Natalie W on Dec 01, 2011
    I have a laminate floor in the foyer and at first, I was so worried about it and cleaned it only with a damp rag .... the hard way. My swiffer or even a damp mop, like mentioned is sooo much easier and the floor handles it very well. Also make sure to get a very good quality laminate, that makes a huge difference.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Dec 01, 2011
    problem with most cleaners is that people tend to over apply them or fail to rinse fully afterwards...I use a slightly damp towel for my hardwoods. the key is to use the least amount of cleaner and water to get the job done.

  • Marvin R Marvin R on Dec 01, 2011
    I know Nat people stress me out online talking about your gonna damage the floor.Gotta clean it somehow.....lol I have tried the swifter but not the wet jet but it seems to leave a film.

  • Patsy W Patsy W on Dec 01, 2011
    BONA...best floor cleaner ever for wood or laminate! Lots of discussions here about it.

  • Terry S Terry S on Dec 01, 2011
    i used to clean houses and bona or vinegar and water worked the best . no filmy residue, and kms is right use as little as possible.,

  • In agreement with other posters! Bona is the best product on the market for hardwood, and vinegar and water is the best homemade solution (a capful of vinegar to a gallon of warm water). If using vinegar/water, a sponge works well so you can control the amount of moisture you are putting on your floor, and you'll want to wring it well.

  • Karen B Karen B on Dec 01, 2011
    The home improvement stores have a special spray cleaner that works well. I've also used 409 diluted down and just damp mop.