Can an exhaust fan be installed in a laundry room

by Sci5204187
the laundry room is adjacent to an indoor garage and both spaces don't have windows and this causes a lot of moisture in these spaces. I am currently using dehumidifiers in each space and that helps a little.

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  • Kaye Kaye on Jun 30, 2017

    I would think so. the fan tube could be strung until you can vent it outdoors. You many want to consider if possible putting a window in your garage. Makes a significant difference to have sunlight pouring in.

    • Shelley Wilson Shelley Wilson on Jun 30, 2017

      I don't think a window that looks into the garage is not a good idea because of gas fumes; it may not even be allowed as per building codes.

  • Yes! And I would do so. Cheaper to call an electrician than have to deal with costly mold remediation.

  • Gredmore Gredmore on Jul 01, 2017

    I don't see why not. Make sure the new fan AND your dryer are both vented outside. I would not vent directly into the attic although the fan duct can be run thru there. Get a fan made for the space based on cu ft air flow per min. You might want the electrician to install a timer on the fan. I would not use a muffin fan just based upon the area to be vented. Have a professional do the install.