Asked on May 21, 2019

Should I upgrade a 2 ton ac unit to a 3 ton?

by Steve

Two questions-- I have a 2 ton Goodman ac unit.It is totally out of Freon. Supposedly the coils leaked because overtime my shepherd has urinated on the aluminum coil. They said I have 3 options : 1 replace coil if available;2: replace entire condensing unit. or 3 upgrade the inside and outside components with a larger ac unit. Unit never would lower temp below 72, supposed to be energy efficient and could only drop temperature by 20deg from outside. Would a 3ton unit fix that? Will a bigger unit cause humidity problems? Dealer is pushing tempstar, over a carrier saying tempstar is made by carrier?? Any thoughts on this matter will most appreciated.

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  • Mogie Mogie on May 21, 2019

    The size of the unit somewhat depends on the size of the home you are trying to cool. If you did up the size of your system, the duct work would either need to be modified or replaced since.

    A good general rule of thumb is half a ton for every 250 sf rounding up, so the 2.5 will do 1250 sf and the 3 would do up to 1500 sf.

    Here is a very good article that goes into more detail. Please read this before making a decision.

  • William William on May 21, 2019

    Replace the whole unit. You get a full warranty. If all the freon leaked out the compressor oil may be contaminated and the compressor can fail down the line. Goodman is one of the bottom line of AC. Technically Carrier doesn't make Tempstar, they own the corporation that makes several product lines. Bought it in 1999. Just buying out the competition. You can upgrade a two ton up to a three ton but no higher. I had a 2 ton unit and when it went out I upgraded to a 2 1/2 ton. Go too high and it will short cycle meaning it will turn on and off more often and at shorter intervals. Not really cooling the air enough and it will feel muggy.

    • Clay B Clay B on May 22, 2019

      Agree, don't go bigger than needed. To big will cause it to run short periods, and not dry out the air; which can lead to mildew/moisture issues. Bigger is not better when it comes to HVAC.