Asked on Oct 19, 2014

My microwave handle broke off!

by Christina
Any ideas for how to replace the handle, but not the whole microwave? It's awkward to open it with the smidge of handle that's left. Thank you!
Fridgedaire microwave -- at least 7 years old.
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  • I would google your microwave and see if there is a way to replace handle. if not I would try gorilla glue!
  • Marlene Marlene on Oct 19, 2014
    Same thing happened with my Kenmore, The handle was cracking and came off the door. I used Gorilla Glue, that was 2 years ago and it's holding on. Other parts started cracking, the gorilla glue held for a little while on those, then let go. Maybe I should have used super glue. For the top vent that would fall off every time I opened the door I taped it with Crystal Clear Duck Tape. From the sides down. Can't even see it, and it's held up really well....Hope this helps.
  • Christina Christina on Oct 20, 2014
    Thanks all. I'll try it.
  • Avi Heller Avi Heller on Oct 20, 2014
    you need Sugru! check it out - you'll fall in love with it! i am...
  • Comet Comet on Oct 20, 2014
    Yes SUGRU!!!!!! But if you try Gorilla glue WET the part FIRST---this can make the difference; also great adhesion with E-6000---I use it for a LOT of stuff.
  • Phyllis Bruton Phyllis Bruton on Oct 20, 2014
    I used Gorilla glue when that happened to me.
  • Barbara Thomas Barbara Thomas on Oct 21, 2014
    I use Krazy Glue on everything. Just another option.....
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Oct 21, 2014
    If the handle is plastic, use gorilla glue. If it is metal, use JB Weld! If it is really old and these don't work, replace it...since they are not as pricey as they used to be!
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    • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Oct 25, 2014
      @Christina You can go on line and contact the manufacturer. Some of them make replacement parts and some of them don't. You will also need directions on how to take the door apart to get the handle back on. With shipping, etc., this could be more costly than purchasing a new one! They have come down so much in price these days that a lot of repair cost is not worth it.
  • Avi Heller Avi Heller on Oct 21, 2014
    if the adhesives listed above do not work - please try Sugru. too many useful things are thrown away because of missing parts! reuse, reduce, recycle - make do, do without, use it up, wear it out - as my mother used to say!
  • Darla Darla on Oct 23, 2014
    2-part epoxy works on a lot of things like this.
  • Waneta Yancey Waneta Yancey on Jan 20, 2015
    I also used gorilla glue. Worked great!
  • Glenda D Glenda D on Jan 24, 2015
    Here is a list of places to go for replacing the handle on your microwave.,,, just a few and they always send instructions on how to replace your part. glenda
  • Jodi Behnke Jodi Behnke on Jan 30, 2015
    Liquid Nails--adhesive like glue-works great!
  • Christina Christina on Feb 04, 2015
    Hey all! It's fixed. We found a replacement handle from the manufacturer and learned how to attach it. Presto! The glue ideas were great, but the way the handle had broken off, there wasn't enough for the glue to grab on to.
  • Laura Bagaason Laura Bagaason on Mar 20, 2015
    We had ours replaced twice. The third time it snapped off, we replaced it with a handmade, painted black, wood handle. Worked like a charm
  • Mary Mary on Mar 20, 2015
    If you have a piece of thick wood laying around, take the knob off and trace it onto your wood. Cut it out then mark your screw holes where they should be. Paint it a color to match. My brother did that to his. Works perfectly.