What can I do about my Drooping ceiling fan blades?

by Terry

We have an outdoor, wet area rated ceiling fan that we allowed snow to stay on the blades instead of brushing it off. The blades are now drooping and wobbling. We have tried reversing the blades and tightening the mounts and neither solution worked. Any suggestions for how to fix a wobbly ceiling fan?

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  • William William on Mar 30, 2017

    Replace the blades. Makes sure you get blades made for wet location, NOT damp location. The "wet" area means the motor and electrical components are sealed to be moisture resistant. Outdoor ceiling fans, also known as overhead patio fans, are made with motor houses and blades that withstand humidity and moisture. These outdoor ceiling fans are sealed to protect key motor and electrical components and rated by the Underwriter Laboratories (UL), an independent, non-profit organization that conducts product safety testing, and are designated for damp or wet environments. For example, Pergola fans have a Wet listing by UL and are designed with moisture-resistant bodies and all-weather blades that stand up to exterior conditions like rain, snow, ocean spray, and water. While indoor/outdoor fans used in areas that are not exposed to direct moisture, such as garages, sunrooms, and screened-in porches are Damp listed.

  • Bmasecar Bmasecar on Apr 04, 2017

    Turn them over, they unscrew from the metal. Now they point up and will sag down over time. Just make sure they don't it the motor or the ceiling,

  • 17335038 17335038 on Apr 05, 2017

    comment to Bmasecar above, When the warped blades are reinstalled upside down they will not be weighted, or balanced properly. If the fan is run with blades are are not weighted or balanced properly, it will probably wobble, make noise, and eventually come loose from the housing. Not recommended as a safety issue.

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    • 17335038 17335038 on May 20, 2018

      If blades are reversible (not all of them are), then yes, they can be turned over and remounted, provided that they have not become damaged somehow in the meantime.

      Terry's original posted question states that the blades in question are now warped due to snow accumulation.

      As William noted, a fan sold as one for exterior use is supposed to be able to 'withstand' outdoor weather conditions including, as he noted, snow. However, the warranty on the fan against blade warping might not include warping due to 'heavy weight of snow accumulation'.

  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Apr 07, 2017

    Check your local habitat resale store or local salvage store for exterior fan blades (less expensive than purchasing a new fan). Best of luck.