Susan S
by Susan S
My dishwasher suddenly stopped working. It was as though it was not receiving any power. It is an undermount and apparently hardwired directly in to an electrical source as there is no evidence of a cord. The Model is GSD2220Z01BB Serial # FT756643B. It was installed in June l998 - but I can hardly think it's worn out as I only used it during holidays and intermittently throughout the year. I would run it through a rinse cycle once a week because I put my washed dishes in there to dry and I'd need to drain the water that had accumulated. We have checked the circuit breakers as well. Any thoughts on what else we might check. Since there is no sound coming from it, it apparently died a quiet death. Thanks.
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  • 3po3 3po3 on Jan 06, 2013
    You might check if there is a fuse you can replace. But it sounds like it might have just died. The life expectancy of a dishwasher is nine years, according to the National Association of Home Builders, so maybe it was just its time.
  • Sharron W Sharron W on Jan 07, 2013
    I think your Power Switch Module has gone out. They are not that difficult to replace but not easy for a "homeowner" to get. Your best bet is to call a GE authorized repairman.
  • I had a similar issue. Lights were working but it just wouldn't turn on. Turned out to be the door switch although mine was not that old. Sounds like it's time to replace yours to one of the new energy star models. Try here for reviews.
  • The dishwasher is hard wired, so you will not normally see any power cord. But if you were to remove the front panel down near the floor, you will see the splice box where the wires are connected. Before you open that up, turn off the power to the unit. It is a long shot, but perhaps the power wire came apart causing it to stop working. I intend to agree with Sharron W on this. The control system inside the door or on the top panel most likely bought the farm as they say. The controls are not that expensive, but the labor from the repair guy will be. I think your better off simply buying a new one. I had a client who hired me to repair their high end unit several years ago. Parts were around $50, the labor was due to time was over $400. Machine had to be taken all apart to access the motor part needed to be replaced. Once that was done machine worked for about two weeks and something else went. They ended up buying a new one. Moral is, if parts are starting to die, is it really worth putting new money into something old and risk new issues soon after?
  • Sharron W Sharron W on Jan 07, 2013
    @Woodbridge Environmental YEP, I just wanted her to call someone for a she'd feel like she had the info necessary to put that one away and Move on...cause NOT knowing the answer is really really bothersome sometimes...especially if you've got to fork out big bucks on a replacement...LOL I like to know that I ABSOLUTELY Have to...LOL
  • Susan S Susan S on Jan 07, 2013
    Thank you all for taking the time to answer my question. Obviously, like everyone with an appliance that suddenly quits working, one can only hope it's something "simple".
  • Sharron W Sharron W on Jan 09, 2013
    Well the "power Module" IS RELATIVELY, simple...For a repairman....just not for the average homeowner...LOL
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jan 10, 2013
    Throw it out! It is almost 15 years old...well beyond its life span. Keep it and old seals can make a very expensive mess! I love dishwashers and hate them too! I am not into the expensive models. We go to Lowes and get the next to cheapest model...I got 12 years out of the last one. I am not picky about putting things in just right and have never had a problem with them cleaning. Sent hubby out 6 months ago and he did not follow orders, went to a different place, bought an expensive one with a nice rebate, stainless steel inside...and I HATE IT! I do a voodo chant and dance in front of it frequently! I can hardly wait to watch it go to the curb! I may be wrong, but I do not buy that excuse "it does not dry because of all the environmental things we have on them now"??? Anyone else hear this tale? Or have I been taken for a ride? We have had 2 service calls in the first 2 months and now the door won't close where the soap goes...!!!! So I prewash and use the DW on hot!
  • Sharron W Sharron W on Jan 10, 2013
    @Jeanette S It doesn't have a "heated dry" cycle? Gosh, I wish Mine DIDN'T, if anyone else starts it...they always set the DRY Cycle to run, and I NEVER use it...I'd rather my dishes "dripped dry"... AND if your dispenser door isn't working/won't stay closed...use an old toothbrush to scrub around the outside edge and the inside of the lid, sometimes soap crystals will build up there and prevent it from closing properly.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jan 10, 2013
    Thanks, I will try that! I have to use the heated dry just to get them about half dry...the technician said it was because water is left at the bottom of the DW to "keep the seals from drying out!" Now I have had a DW for over 40 years and have never had to have "water left in the bottom until I bought this one"!
  • Sharron W Sharron W on Jan 10, 2013
    @Jeanette S Is it level? Is it hooked up to the same side as the garbage disposal? Are you rinsing off befoe putting them in? I only had a problem with that when HUBBY was loading, cause he wouldn't rinse...and WORSE he also put "trash" in his coffee cup and would load without taking it when Mine had standing water, I took out the trays, found the center "drain filter" removed it and found a piece of clear plastic was blocking the I don't have a problem, cause hubby doesn't load...which was probably his plan all along..LOL!
  • Jeanette, the service person that told you that some water is left in the bottom so the seals do not dry out has no clue on what he or she was talking about. In fact water left in the bottom of the machine will do just the op opposite and cause mold and foul odors to develop from any tiny partials of food that was not rinsed out. And as far as the rubber gaskets drying out. Not happening.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jan 11, 2013
    It is in the same place one has been for 42 years with NO problems. Even had factory tech out twice and I just gave up on it. I wil just put in soap at the beginning with the soap door will get one good soaping and a hot rinse...the come out clean! Even glasses sparkle...
  • Susan S Susan S on Jan 11, 2013
    WELL!!! Where were all of you several months ago when I specifically asked about water standing in the bottom of the same dishwasher!!???? LOL An over-whelming majority of answers said there is supposed to be a certain amount of water in bottom of the tub!! @Jeanette S - I think I'd have to agree w/@Woodbridge Environmental on this one. It sure sounds like the service tech didn't have a clue and was just passing the buck. I didn't see where you said how long ago your hubby bought this d/w but if it's still under warranty, I'd be pitching a BIG ONE until the issue (s) were taken care of to my satisfaction or was replaced!! As to @Sharron's question about was your d/w level - just because it's been in the same place for 40 years doesn't necessarily mean it's sitting level. Just a thought there . . . . .
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jan 11, 2013
    Woodbridge, that is what I thought about the water standing...and it does smell if I do not use it almost daily. But what can I do when the "certified technician" that is sent out by the manufacturer tells you this and you know darn well it is a bunch of idiot engineering just like the problem with having to clean a front loading washing machine! I am SICK of modern engineering! We are having to buy inferior products and I personally resent it! I even called some of the retail sales departments and asked if I had been told something just to shut me up and all of them told me the tech was correct! So what do I do? I just have to suck it up!
  • Thanks Susan S. I would also suggest to check the drain connection to the plumbing drain and make sure there is a vapor breaker in the line. If the drain pipe is not properly installed, water can siphon back into the machine causing the issue of standing water. A vapor breaker allows air into the line to prevent water from coming back into the pump and machine itself. This happens a lot when people connect the drain discharge into the wrong part of the drain system.
  • Sharron W Sharron W on Jan 12, 2013
    YEP! @Jeanette S I'd have to 2nd W.E.'s advise on the plumbing connections. @Susan S Sorry hun, It took me forever to FIND your dishwasher problem... LOL
  • Steve Boccalatte Steve Boccalatte on Nov 27, 2015
    How long has it been since the filter built into the cold water dishwasher hose has been cleaned? If it is blocked the machine will not operate.