Microwave what is a good one....ge 10 years


I had a GE microwave for 10 years and it finally died, replaced a fuse but that did not work SO I DO BELIEVE I WANT ANOTHER ONE AND AM WONDERING WHAT IS BEING USED OUT THERE THESE DAYS....DO NOT WANT TO SPEND MORE THAN $100...AT LEASE 1100 WATTS...SEEMS LIKE THERE ARE 25 PEOPLE GIVING SOME 4 STARS BUT THERE ARE ALWAYS 5-10 GIVING THE SAME ONE 1 STAR....UNLESS THEY GOT STUCK WITH THE DUD...I know this site is not for these kinds of questions but I really do not have anyone else to get any info from....and I really appreciate all your previous help.....Thanks in advance, stay safe, 6', wash your hands....  5-11-20

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