Tip: How to Replace a Washer Actuator (switch) Without Taking It Out

So my washer stopped working and after some looking around I found the spring holding the actuator had become loose. What is the actuator? It is small metal and plastic contraption that moves when you close your washing machine lid/door and hits a switch. This indicates that the lid/door is closed and the washer will start to go through its cycle.

See the video below showing how to put it together outside the washer machine,

Looks easy but try doing it while still connected to the machine! Taking it out and doing it like in the video would require removing the lid/door and unscrewing a bunch of screws. Forget that!

I opened the machine, lifted the top and connected the spring to the part already connected to the machine. I used dental floss (a few strings so it would not rip) and threaded the floss through the actuator metal hole and pulled the spring through. It took some pinching and wiggling but it came through in good order.

Now all is fixed and avoided breaking the lid/door hinges

New spring costed about $6 - $7

You can also fix the spring itself with heat but I do not have the tools to do that.
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