Crawl Space Repair - Before and After Photos

This is a collection of photos of crawl space repair jobs we performed.
A wet moldy crawl space in Arvada, CO. Customer complained of mold problems, foul odors, cold floors and cold drafts coming through the crawl space floor.
We installed SilverGlo Insulation on the walls, and sealed the entire space with the CleanSpace vapor barrier, The crawl space is now sealed and conditioned, free of mold and pests, The home is more comfortable and energy efficienct,
This homeowner in Aurora, CO tried to insulate his crawl space by applying fiberglass bats on the walls. Fiberglass is not good for crawl spaces because it absorbs water and loses R-Value when wet. It also tends to sag and fall off.
We insulate this Aurora, CO crawl space walls with SilverGlo and sealed the entire space with the CleanSpace system. The crawl space is now protected against moisture and mold, and the home is more comfortable and energy efficient.
The floor above the crawl space in this Dever home was sagging due to mold, moisture and wood decay.
We restored the structural integrity of this Denver, CO crawl space by installing SmartJack, crawl space jacks.
This image illustrates how SmartJack works to stabilize sagging crawl space floors, and most of the time even lift them back into the original position.
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