Can I put carpet tiles on walls for insulation?

by Suesage66

Has anyone done this to keep the heat from going out through the walls ..old house ..single brick walls

  3 answers
  • Betty Sutton Smith Betty Sutton Smith on Oct 29, 2019

    I dont see why not , unless you have a problem with mildew. If Elvis Presley can put carpet all over his Jungle Room you can too !!!!!!

    Just saying !!!!

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Oct 29, 2019
    We moved into our first house. Two owners before, the man had brought home scraps and leftovers from his job as a house flipper helper. We had carpet, carpet tiles, mirror stick-on tiles, and mosaic tiles on counters. We grew to hate the carpet tiles because they got too dusty. But the carpet on the walls absolutely cut down the noise from my two boys and their carpeted rooms were the warmest rooms in the house. Best wishes! Jewell
  • Elaine Suter-Rink Elaine Suter-Rink on Oct 30, 2019

    Many years ago a boyfriend decided to surprise me by redecorating my tiny wood frame cottage. He used shag carpet tiles on the floor, wall to wall and also in the bathroom he used it half way up the outside wall as well as over the plywood sheet that enclosed the old clawfoot bathtub. (The bathroom shag was cherry red mixed woth pink and the living room was blue & teal... It was the early '70's! He also added a kind of coatswain border of plastic fake red brick in the bathroom. Turned out rather chic!! ) It did make the cottage much cozier. And it felt warmer in those rooms.