How to repair a concrete wall

Has anyone ever repaired a concrete wall? We bought mesh and mortar but are hoping to get a few ideas on exactly how to connect the mesh to the wall and then mortar it upright as it's a wall. Any ideas much appreciated
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  • William William on May 03, 2016
    What condition is the wall? How bad is it? Photos would help. Different ways to repair depending on condition and shape.

  • Dee Dee on May 03, 2016
    One section is actually a corner that comes into the room. It's like the wall goes along straight and then there's a bay window type of bump out in the foundation which forms the interior corner. Another is just a flat wall section.

  • Carole Carole on May 04, 2016
    Depends how deep is the repair/damaged area and what type of concrete, plain or with concrete bricks with holes. Basically concrete is mortar+some sand or not +stones. It's the stones that make the concrete strong. So it depends also whether what you want to repair is just "surface"-damage or deeper holes, meaning someday someone may want to drill holes and hang something and in that case the repair should be able to withstand that ...or it will potentially be dangerous. If your repair is just on surface, there's special mortar xith plaser that is better t use than mortar. If the repair is deep and the area is large I'd say consult a professional, unless you want to mrk the wall externally in order to recall not to drill and hang anything tht might fall down and hurt your pets/yourselves/your guests and whoever one day may buy the house.

  • Dee Dee on May 04, 2016
    Thanks for all the info!

  • William William on May 04, 2016
    Not having any photos to see the amount of damage, I can only give you some tips. You don't need to use mesh on the wall. What you need is mortar that has a bonding agent in it to adhere to the existing wall. Quikcrete makes a lot of cement products. Some are premixed and some are not. You need to see what is available for your situation. Ask one of the pro's at the big box store. If your going to use just mortar, you still need to coat the wall with a concrete bonding agent to adhere the new mortar to the old mortar. Clean the wall from all loose material. Apply the bonding agent to the wall, let dry, then just apply the new mortar with a large trowel (like applying a skim coat of plaster) over the existing wall smoothing the mortar as you go along.

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    • William William on Aug 14, 2016
      New concrete will not properly adhere to old concrete. The bonding agent creates a bond between new and old.

  • Dee Dee on May 04, 2016
    That was great William, thanks very much

  • Dee Dee on May 04, 2016
    Great ideas from all

  • Laura Williams-May Laura Williams-May on May 05, 2016
    It's called "repointing" when you replace missing mortar. If you google you will find instructions.

  • Dee Dee on May 05, 2016
    Thanks Laura!