How can I extend my cinder block wall upward?

by Ehr4799184
Without informing home owners, builders put up a muti story medical building. They claim they did but it certainly didn’t get to me or my neighbors. Thus destroying my beautiful view. The city will not allow me to add more rows of cinder blocks. Help!

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  • Install a trellis on your side that is taller than the cinder blocks, plant a fast growing vine, or if the location allows, maybe a jasmine.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 02, 2017

    Does the city allow privacy fences? If so, do that. If they don't, maybe you and your neighbors can go to city hall for one of their meetings and ask for a variance for your neighborhood to allow more cinder blocks or a privacy fence because the builders did not share the plans with the nearby homes. Have them check for documentation of notifying the residents and asking for their input. If they didn't, perhaps the city can make them put up fences!

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    • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 22, 2017

      Yeah, I know city hall, but most large projects do require the nearby neighborhood be notified so that they can put in their input about the structure they will be putting up and the impact it will have on their lives and property value in the neighborhood. I know that here in my town the nearby neighborhoods in fact have put up enough of a fight that they have actually been able to alter the structures to have less of an impact to them. Check with the city council to see if they have such a policy that the developers have to notify you of their plans and meetings with the neighborhood and when they are meeting with the city council for approval of their plans. If they do have such a policy let the city council know that the courtesy was not extended to you and the neighborhood and that if they did, you would have objected to their plans. The builders also have to have paperwork proving that they spoke to and had meetings with the neighborhood and ask for copies of all that paperwork and the notifications they gave the neighborhood homes.

  • Kim Kim on Oct 03, 2017

    Here is a way to add a wood privacy fence to the top of your cinder block.

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  • Sharon Sharon on Oct 03, 2017

    Get you and your fellow neighbors, and have an attorney write a letter that no notification of public hearings were held before the building was approved and/or change in land use plan to commerical from residential. Then settle for a large wall for all of you and they pay.