How do I repair and waterproof plaster walls around a tub ?

by App6105461
I want to install tile around my tub. The walls are plaster, which have been damaged by moisture. I have installed a ceiling vent, and I don't want to replace the plaster walls. The house is 100 years old. Can I repair the plaster, then use waterproofing like Aquaseal or something like a Kurdi membrane on the walls before tiling?

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  • Vee Vee on Aug 22, 2017

    My family replaces tubs for a living. That's all they have done for 20 years. The plaster is porous. It has drawn the water into the wood behind it. Trust me. Cut a small square out of the wettest area and peer behind it with a flashlight. You'll see discolored wood and sometimes MOLD. Happens all the time. If you repair the plaster with a patch, the underneath will never really dry out. So when you tile over it, in a short time the tiles will begin to fall off because that moisture behind the plaster will begin to work it's way back into the plaster and expand the wall. Then you'll have to remove all the tike, cut out the portion if the wall that's wet and replace it with properly graded wallboard and start again. My family makes it's living at this lousy job. And they always say, "if you have tile, the grout is always porous! It absorbs water unless you seal the grout and reseal the grout periodicaly"...... I'd strongly revimnend replacing the plaster with proper wallboard first, and then proceed to do a job well done. In the long run, you'll save money by solving the problem and arresting further damage to your wood framing and the floor beneath it!

  • Charles Ridgway Charles Ridgway on Aug 22, 2017

    I redid my bathroom, replace an old clawfoot bathtub with a one piece shower stall and I used the drywall thats waterproof, moldproof and then after using that I finished it off by using a Paneling made for bathrooms that help seal away the moisture. I bought the Drywall at Lowes home Improvement store.

  • C C on Aug 22, 2017

    Replace your plaster or drywall with cement board and then tile.

  • App6105461 App6105461 on Aug 23, 2017

    Thanks. I've been told that there are several ways to waterproof the walls. Maybe not.