How to insulate your Ranch style House?

John Kay
by John Kay

I have a ranch house and I am trying to find out the correct way to insulate the attic , should i put insulation just above the rooms ( lay it in the attic on the Ceiling above the rooms or should I put the insulation under the roof or do both ?

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  • Zard Pocleeb Zard Pocleeb on Dec 09, 2018

    Put the insulation down on top of the ceilings of the rooms below. Put it in all of the ‘bays’ to fill them all. Make sure to buy insulation with no paper backing. You might also consider having blown in insulation installed.

  • Get a free inspection from your utility companies, both electric and gas. The provide free home inspections and offer suggestions on how to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable. Also check current building code too. Then, based on their recommendations, install the insulation.

  • William William on Dec 09, 2018

    Insulate the attic floor in between and over the joists. Either blown in insulation or fiberglass batts. Only do the roof rafters if you plan to finish the attic. You need air circulation in the open attic to prevent moisture and/or mold forming. That is what the roof vents are for.

  • My understanding is to insulate the attic space above heated rooms. But be sure to have air chutes that will give air circulation from the vents in the eaves to the top roof vent.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Dec 14, 2018

    I live in a mid fifties ranch style house and the attic floor is the blown in insulation to above the joists and it is working really well. Now if only the house had more than single paned windows!