How to repair walls after removing wallpaper?

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  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Dec 24, 2017
    First wash the glue off with warm water with a sponge squezzed out a little. Then maybe you need to spackle the walls. Call Homedepot or Lowe's, and ask what's best. They can help you get the right material you need to get a smooth finish on the walls.

  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Dec 24, 2017
    purchase drywall compound and fill any cracks, scrapes or holes with the compound using a flexible paint scraper. Allow to dry, then sand smooth. If the area is quite deep, you may have to fill again as the compound will shrink as it dries .

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Dec 24, 2017
    If you wall was painted before the paper was put up, you may can just do a light sanding. Be very careful if the paper was put directly onto the wall board.

    Before you start sanding anything, make sure the wall is completely dry!!!

    Any of the wall board that is damaged will have to be repaired. There is a compound that is "is whipped" that is great for this application. It is put on exactly like the thicker compound, only thing is it sands so much easier.

    Be sure and tape off ducts and return air ducts before you start. Cover door openings to the rest of the house too. If you have a fancy light fixutre you might want to wrap it in a sheet or plastic to keep the sanding dust off.

    When sanding, use a sander that has a vacuum if you can, but if not, vacuum often to get the dust out of the room. Use damp cloths...not wipe down walls, baseboards and mop with a damp mop.

  • Janice Myers Sizemore Janice Myers Sizemore on Dec 24, 2017
    use caulking and sandpaper. a small hand sander would also work. there is special caulking for patching holes in plaster.

  • Alex Alex on Dec 24, 2017
    you need to wash the walls to get all the glue off, let dry then spackle, let it dry, sand, prime and then paint.