Asked on Jan 01, 2015

How to replace bar in fiberglass shower

Carol Butler
by Carol Butler
We have a fiberglass shower that desperately needs a new bar for washcloths but we have no idea how to replace it. Any suggestions? As you can see we have "duct taped" it since it basically shattered! We certainly can get it out but how do you replace it?
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  • Glenda Thompson Glenda Thompson on Jan 01, 2015
    We had the same problem, you can get a cheap towel bar and cut to size,but my husband cut a Mountain Laurel limb we scraped and sanded trim the ends to fit in openings. I then coated it with clear sealer from a spray can, after we installed it I sealed the ends that when in the openings with clear caulking my bathroom is decorated with country outhouse items and it looks fine. A hardwood limb works best. We live in the mountains so the woods are full of hardwood type trees. Hope this helps.
  • Meyndert Borrie Bornman Meyndert Borrie Bornman on Jan 01, 2015
    @Carol Butler , Find white electrical conduit that fit into the fitting holes and cut it the full length to go all the way. Then find the next bigger size that slip over that one and cut it to fit exactly between the holders. Slip them into each other and fit the one side into the hole, then bend very careful until you can slip the other side in. you can lay them in some hot (boiling) kettle water to make the bending easier, use a towel to stop you from burning, when they cool down they will straighten up and never need replacement again.
  • BBB BBB on Jan 02, 2015
    They sell the plastic insert if you just want to purchase a new one to match the old. The correct one will have piece on the end that pushes in so you can insert it..sort of like a spring on those toilet paper roll holder.
  • Mike Mike on Jan 02, 2015
    There are replacements available complete with bushings like here: Or go to you tube and search for "tub bar replacement" for a 3 part video on another solution.
  • Cindie Taylor-pamula Cindie Taylor-pamula on Jan 02, 2015
  • Jill Ron Pike Jill Ron Pike on Jan 03, 2015
    There are many great suggestions here, but I'll go ahead and add my voice to the din...Try a small tension rod, the kind for hanging curtains. They come in smaller sizes so you may find one that fits perfectly. If you want to waterproof it, you can cover it with a piece of Pvc pipe cut to size and slipped over the tension rod.
  • Carol Butler Carol Butler on Jan 04, 2015
    Appreciate everyone taking the time to answer. You've all been helpful and very creative!! Did go online (which we had done before, believe it or not!) and found some possible solutions as well. Now to choose......