What can we do about laminate peeling near the oven heat?

Terry Hood
by Terry Hood
peeling near oven heat. Hate color
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  • Landsharkinnc Landsharkinnc on May 16, 2018

    MBF or Particle board isn't 'real' wood, even though made from wood byproducts ... can you contact the manufacturer for suggestions? Color is fixable -- paint is your friend!

  • MamaSita MamaSita on May 16, 2018

    Terry, intense heat might always make any laminate peel. I can't see the door clearly but would purchasing a wood door help? You can buy wood doors online. Use wood for the cabinets near the oven and mdf for the uppers. For the color, use a good quality paint, paint all of the cabinets and it will all match up in the end. Usually when laminate peels, you can use an iron and the glue will heat up and melt it back on. However; in this case it seems to be the heat of the oven that's an issue so that might not work.

  • V Smith V Smith on May 16, 2018

    If your door has a straight edge (not tapered), you can buy a piece of aluminum angle, cut it to the size of your door, and attach it to the edge with screws.

  • John Grimley John Grimley on May 17, 2018

    Maybe consider checking the door seal on the oven? There's obviously a load of heat coming out there & that cannot be good for your bills or your cooking

    • B. Enne B. Enne on May 20, 2018

      John Grimley is right. This happened to my drawer beside my stove. To put my oven door back on, it has to click twice. I didn't realize that it had not been pushed all the way in on one side, because it looked okay. I had to take it off, line up the brackets and push it in the middle to make sure it was in properly on both sides.

      BTW, your door looks like thermofoil like mine, which is shrink-wrapped vinyl. You either have to replace it or take off the vinyl and paint it (prime well first).

  • Pma6644533 Pma6644533 on May 17, 2018

    This looks like a thermofoil covering on your door, which is basically plastic and cannot be fixed .. It melts. That is definitely not laminate as it cannot be bent around a profile like that (retired cabinetmaker here) You can peel the thermofoil off of the door and paint it as it is MDF underneath. Other than that you would need to replace it. Thermofoil is a great product but cannot withstand extreme heat. If you cannot put your hand there and it is too hot....it is too hot for these doors.

  • William William on May 20, 2018

    Pmacdermid is right. It is Thermofoil. Installed a lot of those in my day. They were low cost and looked great.Peeling it off. sanding the MDF, and painting is the only solution. Kind of surprised a cabinet is so close to the range. Usually they install a spacer board between the range and cabinet.