We have these mirror glass squares on one wall. I want to remove them

How do I remove the glass mirror squares from a wall??
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  • If they are glued on you are going to have to pry them off. But first you take masking, painters, or even duct tape and tape up the mirror to keep the glass from flying and shattering everywhere. Take a putty knife or anything else that is flat and hard and try to slide under the glass to pry it off. Wear gloves and safety glasses~Good luck!

  • Charlene Charlene on Jan 18, 2014
    I've done this before and the best way is first make sure you wear protective goggles and clothing. Pry each one off with a putty knife, starting at the corners. That's were the adhesives are. Pry gently or you could snap the corners off, making it more difficult. I did a whole wall in about 1/2 hr once I figured it out. I even had to take a hammer to several because they just wouldn't come off easily. I did have to scrape the wall later to remove any leftover adhesive. Good luck

  • C C on Mar 20, 2015
    I had some really thin, old stubborn linoleum floor tiles on my kitchen floor that were really hard to remove. I used a hair dryer and it melted the glue and made prying them up super easy. Hit each square with the hot air for the count of 20-30 seconds first, then quickly use a putty knife to pry loose (I emphasize "quickly" because glue will start hardening again fast when you remove the heat). If it's really stubborn then aim hot air at the edges so air gets underneath them (or smash them first and then hit with air and scoop off with wide putty knife). With mirrors be very careful and wear gloves as you will be making them very hot and you could burn your skin! But once you soften the glue that holds it, they should come off a lot easier.

  • Kbee Kbee on Mar 23, 2015
    We didn't . They were on tight so we glued wood strips on top