What is the best way to repair paster walls? After my house was raise

after my house was raised for a new foundation I got a few cracks when it settled.

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  • Jul30545945 Jul30545945 on Jan 03, 2018
    Depending on how large the cracks are you can try to use paintable latex or silicone caulk. Just caulk it and smooth it out with a putty knife that has been wet with water. Wipe off the edges of the area not being filled in with a damp paper towel so that the area does not get paint build up where you do not want it to, If it is in a corner just use your finger to fill the crevice, but wet your finger so it fills smoothly into the crevice of the wall. Let dry according to the directions on the tube. This is a simple affordable trick used by some painters,may work on your application,may not. Just throwing it out there. Good Luck.