What's the best specific type of hanger for drywall? Picture or rods?

there are so many different types of drywall hangers that Im wondering what most of you have found to work easiest and best? lots of different butterfly clips, metal , plastic, some open up some don't. I hung a super light curtain rod and curtain with one that has the little pokies all over it and it fell right down a few month later. So I got New rods and curtaims but these are much heavier! Thanks!

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  • Vivian Vivian on Jun 24, 2017
    I like monkey hooks. Easy to install and you don't have to look for studs. I go mine on Amazon.

  • It depends on the weight of the item, whether finding a stud is necessary.

  • Lyn15291588 Lyn15291588 on Jun 24, 2017
    You need to find the studs in this instance. The weight of the curtain isn't the issue, its the use. You pull to open and close the curtain. For at least 1 1/2" around a window or door is a stud. Use screws at least 2"-3" long screw to go through the sheetrock and into the stud.

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    • Suzette Suzette on Jun 24, 2017
      The studs run all around your window. That's what frames them in.
      If you feel unsure about it, look to see how the blinds are already installed.

  • Suzette Suzette on Jun 24, 2017
    Hi Karen, here's a link that I think may help! http://thesweethome.com/reviews/best-picture-hangers/

    Happy hanging! :)

  • Nana Deb Nana Deb on Jun 24, 2017
    What one calls monkey hooks I call gorilla hooks. They are so awesome for drywall!! They come in different strengths according to what you're hanging & leave the tiniest holes but the right ones will hold even a heavy mirror. I try these first where I need something hanging by hand twisting the end into drywall. If it goes in, you then just spin it around & through, hang, you're done. If I happen to hit a stud, I just swap to a strong screw in it & have left no mess! Nothing better! Get small ones at $1 stores or heavy ones at big box stores. Happy hanging anywhere...

  • Nana Deb Nana Deb on Jun 24, 2017
    For hanging curtain rods where there are no studs, definitely need the metal butterfly clasps behind bolts. Some rods come with them. The drawback is the huge hole they leave when pushed through. Luckily, drywall is easily patched if you ever take them down.

  • Lyn15291588 Lyn15291588 on Jun 25, 2017
    There is a metal corner bead the wraps around the frame. It's about 1".The is a stud on each side of the window that is at least 1 1/2" wide that will go all the way to the ceiling. That would be fine to cover the window. And you can go any height you want along that stud.

  • Chubby58 Chubby58 on Jun 25, 2017
    I agree with NaNa, gorilla hooks are the best ànd so easy to use.