How do I know if there is danger in my light switch?


I have a light switch near my door that has the porch light, living room light and ceiling fan connected. The one for the LR, most frequently used, goes off and on when I turn it off -- kind of like it's a little loose inside. Is this dangerous? I will get an electrician but wondering how soon?

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  • By Brittany Goldwyn By Brittany Goldwyn on Feb 19, 2019

    It'd be hard to know if it's dangerous without seeing it or having an electrical background, I'd personally get an electrician out sooner rather than later because I'm paranoid about that kind of stuff! Good luck!

  • Heather McCord Heather McCord on Feb 19, 2019

    Turn power off to the switch and unscrew the plate cover and check for loose wire. Will save a lot of money.

    I never pay other what I can do on my own. Also friends are sometimes handy.

  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Feb 20, 2019

    Call an electrician, Donna, maybe you have a friend that will check it out.

  • I agree with Heather... Shut off power and remove the face plate. If all that is wrong is a loose screw holding the switch to the wall box , tighten it. If you aren't okay with anything more than that, at least you can tell the electrician the issue so he can have a better idea of what needs to be done. (Tightening wire connections, replacing switch unit, …) If you can't tell what's wrong, put everything back where it was and turn the power back on. I've even placed a piece of tape over a switch or outlet to keep it from being used until fixed.