Adding casters to a metal cabinet

by Susie
How do I add casters to an old metal cabinet? I'm disabled and need it to be easily moveable rather than just sitting right on the floor.
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  • Barb Burnham Barb Burnham on Feb 24, 2015
    Ask a son, neighbor, handyman to purchase and install 4 locking casters (one for each corner) because you want it to stay put where you place it until you want to move it again, by choice, not trying to control it from moving around while you are using it. Good luck.
  • Shannon Shannon on Mar 01, 2015
    Use self tapping screws
  • Patricia Patricia on Mar 01, 2015
    I agree with @Barb Burnham. My husband installed casters on a cabinet. We purchased them from Home Depot. They had a few different sizes to choose from. The only difference from Barb's suggestion is we installed 1 caster with a lock and the other three were just regular. This makes it easier to move because we only have 1 to unlock, but in our case it's not something we move frequently. There would probably be more stability if you had 4 locks.
  • SK on Elderberry SK on Elderberry on Mar 01, 2015
    Hi, the way I have done this task was to do as Patricia, Barb and Shannon suggested. I bought locking casters from Lowes. I took out the drawers and marked where the casters should go on the bottom. I drilled coinciding holes. The casters I purchased has a upper bolt that went into the holes I drilled, then a washer and nut is attached inside onto the bolt. With plyers I bolted them down tight and then made sure my drawer still would fit. Should have thought of that first....Luckily the drawer still slid in like a charm. Good luck. sk
  • Jacque Jacque on Mar 01, 2015
    Maybe put sliders under 4 sides these move furniture without effort, I used these on a heavy bed and it saved me tons of problems and I can vacuum under it any time I want without asking anyone to help I also have them under my filing cabinet
  • Susie Susie on Mar 01, 2015
    Thanks for all the help everyone! I try to do things by myself, and now I will be able to do this project as well! Thanks!
  • Susie Susie on Mar 01, 2015
    thanks for all the help! even though i'm, disabled, i still like to do as much as i can for myself!