Broken standing oval mirror

by Judy
I have a pretty full-length oval mirror on a stand. The stand and mirror frame are nice oak and undamaged. However, the mirror in the frame is broken (yikes...7years bad luck!) and the cracks run through the mirror glass. (I don't need to LOOK like I'm in pieces, even if I sometimes feel like it LOL) Any ideas how to repurpose it, or even repair on a budget? Mirror glass is expensive!
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  • Sue Thacker Sue Thacker on Feb 26, 2015
    if the mirror frame is not too wide what about using a glass cutter to trim down one of those cheap door mirrors that are usually $15 or less
  • ..actually.....replacement mirror is not all that expensive, I would shop around and check prices. I had a nice piece of mirror cut for a tabletop and it was only 25 dollars. ...but it depends on thickness and of course, size. If you happen to find a good sized piece of mirror, say ,at a yard sale, can take it and have it cut . I have also done that.
  • Gail Courcy Gail Courcy on Feb 27, 2015
    Judy-Several ideas-you can replace the mirror with wood then paint with chalkboard paint for a fancy chalkboard or replace mirror with either chicken wire or cushioned material and hang little hooks all over on either to make a fancy jewelry holder.
  • Cheryl Markus Reynolds Cheryl Markus Reynolds on Feb 27, 2015
    Another Hometalker made a mirror out of an old window using the existing glass and Krylon Looking Glass Mirror spray paint. Maybe something like this would work for you. I'm sure a piece of glass wouldn't cost nearly as much as a new mirror.
  • Dorothy Dorothy on Feb 27, 2015
  • Vicki Vicki on Feb 27, 2015
    The mirror frame could be converted into a sofa or coffee table. You could do a broken (or unbroken) mosaic tile or penny installation top. Not sure how to incorporate the frame the supports the mirror without seeing it.
  • Lori Lori on Feb 27, 2015
    What about cutting a piece of wood to replace the mirror, then, either paint, paper, cover in material, anything you like then buy an ovel shaped mirror and center it on the piece. You can find oval mirrors in thrift shops and flea markets all the time. That way the inner mirror would have a "mat" atound it like a picture. Let your imagination go wild in thinking what to use for the mat, like the 3 ideas above or glue things on like crystals or smash up the broken mirror and make a mosaic of small mirror pieces around the center mirror, or beads, or beautiful old greeting cards cut up and glued or mod podged on. Ok, you can see I am letting myself get carried away and have no idea what your style is, but have fun. Shelbybella is right though, there are all types and prices for mirror.
  • Norma Jean Diaz Norma Jean Diaz on Feb 27, 2015
    How about Plexiglas cover the back with Nice color then use tape to make patterns for your treasured pictures .then use a wall mount for small tv and show case the family tree or collection of pictures.
  • Donna Hagen Donna Hagen on Feb 27, 2015
    Cut Mirror or glass is pretty inexpensive I have learned, I had my full size chevel mirror replaced for only 30 bucks, I have saved the broken mirror I plan to cut up and put on a bowling ball to make a gazing ball for the garden (something else I found on Hometalk) I also want to try some other mosaic projects using cement and mirror chips and the colored stones If you are not going to put the mirror back in to the frame consider making a chalk board out it or adding cork panels and making a bulletin board
  • Ev Hobel Ev Hobel on Feb 28, 2015
    I was going to suggest what another person did - put a piece of chalkboard in there and make a chalk board message board... nice expressions, etc. can go on it. Change it with the seasons or occasions. On pintrest I also saw photos on chalkboard with chalk frames around them. Check it out on pintrest.
  • Terri Terri on Feb 28, 2015
    Make a bulletin board by replacing the mirror with cork. Great for a teens room. Could also paint with chalkboard paint and use as a message center.
  • Sheila D Sheila D on Mar 08, 2015
    Check with a glass & mirror shop. Sometimes they have "scrap" or unclaimed orders for sale.
  • Ins24881298 Ins24881298 on Jun 07, 2017

    only thing need put mirror into the frame, I just wondering , need staple or glue something to still in frame , please answer to me Thanks.

  • Izelle Izelle on Feb 05, 2022

    Not to necro, but found this in a web search for other oval mirror help. I'm surprised no one suggested mirror reflective contact paper on partical board. Or any hard board sturdy enough to keep the paper smooth. It's cheap and won't shatter.