Cane backs on chairs have holes.

What can I do to cover them up temporarily?

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  • Annette Barsby Annette Barsby on Dec 07, 2017
    What kind of chairs, style etc? If they are for lounging, like a conservatory chair, I would make or buy some large cushions. Why only temporarily? It helps to know these things in order to give the right response. I'm not just being nosey.

    • Val Val on Dec 07, 2017
      These are old kitchen chairs with metal tubes for legs and chair backings. The seat is covered foam and the backs are where are the caning is. Size is probably two by two and a half. they are old enough for their have some large holes from people pulling the chairs in and out. Thank you

  • It's funny because I was in the Dollar store and saw felt chair covers for the holidays (each one looked like the chair was wearing a santa hat) and I thought, I could do that for any season. Just make a sort of Pillow case that will cover the chair back. You can pretty it up how ever you want.

  • Mar24787706 Mar24787706 on Dec 07, 2017 are right on

  • Val Val on Dec 07, 2017
    Thanks to all