Asked on Jul 07, 2015

Chair leaking oil?

by Barb
I have an office chair that I use in my sewing room/office and recently it has been leaving black marks that look like oil. Can anyone tell me how to stop it from doing this? The chair is on a plastic mat but I am afraid I will track it onto our new carpet.
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  • Funnygirl Funnygirl on Jul 07, 2015
    Can you tell if it is from the wheels or the seat?has anyone recently applied a lubricant to the chair?If your chair "bounces" up and down when you sit on it,it may be a leaking hydrolic pump.that color is a slight yellowish color.If it is from the seat,I would wrap a small cloth around the top of the stand and secure it with some duct tape until the rag absorbs the excess oil?
  • Carol Borden Carol Borden on Jul 07, 2015
    Change the chair Cylinder that raises it up and down. Look at the bottom of the chair. Find the manufacture. Goggle the cylinder that will fit that chair. It is not hard to replace. chair cylinders are pretty standard.
  • Barb Barb on Jul 07, 2015
    Thanks Funnygirl and Carol. They have stopped leaking so I can't tell where it was from. I thought it was from the wheels but they are dry now. Also, it was a dark color. I will repost if it does it again and I can figure out where it is coming from. Thanks again.
    • Janette Altan Janette Altan on Nov 26, 2017

      I have the same problem and a ruined carpet.It was a Torkel office chair from Ikea.Is yours the same type?Thanks!

  • Werherh erherreh Werherh erherreh on Aug 23, 2018

    We have the same problem too and a ruined carpet. It was also Torkel office chairs from Ikea. We now are in the market for new office chairs and have a huge pile of Torkel chairs in the kitchen waiting to be taken to the tip.

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    • Hemmo H Hemmo H on Aug 26, 2018

      Hello! Did you get some sort of a refund or new chairs for those Torkel chairs from Ikea. I have the same problem but with a Millberget model.

  • Alexandra Alexandra on Dec 07, 2020

    My chair has just started to leak water it doesn’t have wheels it’s a kitchen chair I don’t understand why or what to do

  • Robert Voelk Robert Voelk on Jan 08, 2021

    I have an Aeron chair with the same issue. I can't find the source, but it drops something black periodically which if picked up on the bottom of your shoes then gets spread all through the house.

    • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Jan 18, 2021

      A real Herman Miller Aeron chair shouldn't do that, at that price point. I'd call your furniture dealer after calling Herman Miller Corporate, in Zealand MI.