How can I repair a crack in the dining room table?

by Eleanor

My solid wood dining room table has a crack down the middle, how do I repair the crack , so that the table is solid and sturdy again? Thank you

  2 answers
  • Susan Susan on Jul 30, 2019

    If antique or want to hand-down, strongly suggest professional. If just for your use, hardware has ~ 1” zigzagged metal pcs specifically for joining wood. First use wood glue on crack then CLAMP table tightly- crosswise to direction of crack) - can rent clamps or have hardware put togther w/ ie pipe and add-on clamps). Be sure to PAD table edge where clamps touch.

    On underside of table, with crack clamped together, gently hammer in wood joiners. can iron matching color crayon in table top blemish ONLY IF table is bare wood. If has polyurethane finish, I’d machine- (not orbital) sand top, wide dust away w/ clean cloth dampened w/ denatured alcohol and repoly entire top. Has worked for me!